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Pre K Learn Learn About Patterns

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Keywords: patterns, flip camera, camera
Subject(s): Math
Grade P-K
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Angie S. Detraz
Original Author: Angie S. Detraz, Erath
Pre K Learn Learn About Patterns

1.Show examples of patterns.
2.Go around the school and see patterns . (Example: floor tiles)
3.Have the students do pattern interactives.
4. Have the students complete a Kidspiration 3 Template (Need Kidspiration 3 to open this). You can download a free 30 Trial Version of Kidspiration 3 on their site to view.
5. Have the students create patterns with KidPix or Kidworks Deluxe stamps.
6. Have the students make patterns with objects and take photographs. Create a powerpoint or flip chart with the pictures to share with the students or use a flip camera and film their patterns to share with the class.
Links: PowerPoints with Patterns
Crickweb | Interactive on Patterns
Beads Interactive on Patterns
Sequence Interactive
Kidspiration 3 Template
Materials: Whiteboards, Video Cameras, Flip Video, Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot