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Learning About Colonial Times

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Keywords: Colonial Times, timeline, research
Subject(s): Writing, Social Studies, History
Grades 5 through 6
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Andrea Bernard
Original Author: Andrea Bernard, Erath
Learning About Colonial Times


10. Describe the influence of location and physical setting on the founding of the original thirteen colonies (G-1C-M3)
12. Describe the economic interdependence among the thirteen American colonies (G-1C-M6)
13. Explain how geographic differences and similarities among the thirteen American colonies contributed to political cooperation and conflict (G-1C-M7
23. Identify the causes, effects, or impact of a given event in early American history (H-1A-M3)
37. Describe and compare the various religious groups in Colonial America and the role of religion in colonial communities (H-1B-M4)
38. Describe the political, social, and economic organization and structure of the thirteen British colonies that became the United States (H-1B-M4)


1. Teacher will discuss the Colonial Time Era with the students. Possibly use a powerpoint or flip chart to begin the lesson. Show the PBS Colonial House Interactive listed below.

2. The students will use bookmarked sites and books to research the Colonial Time Period.

3. Once the students have found the number of events specified by the teacher, they will record those in a timeline. (Could be Timeline software or could be free interactive online links).

4. Students will print their timelines.

5. Optional: Students may work with interactives or webquests listed below.

6. Have the students will write the Colonial Time Period.

Assessment: Timeline, Paragraph and computer center work.
Links: Learning About Colonial Times PowerPoints and Interactives
Timeline Interactives
Colonial Times Interactives
PBS Colonial House Interactive
Colonial Times Lessons (LA CC)
Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, Projectors, Short Throw Projectors, Timeline