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Writing Prompt "Living With Fame!"

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Keywords: writing prompt, fame, Four Square, 4 Square, Famous
Subject(s): Spelling, English/Language Arts, Writing, Grammar
Grade 4
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Virginia Kay Lurry
Original Author: Virginia Kay Lurry, Erath
Writing Prompt "Living With Fame!"

1.Student will read the writing prompt with the teacher. (See PowerPoint)
“Imagine that you have become famous. Describe how you became famous, how did your life change, did any part of your life remain the same, did you enjoy being famous.”

2.The teacher will show the four square writing prompt and model a lesson using the Four Square interactive listed below. Slide 1 has the prompt. Slide two has the Four Square template to model.

3. The students will then download the “Living with Fame” MS Word Template or type the results in the Four Square Interactive.

4. Using their printed four square writing template, the students will write a paragraph and insert a clip art into a MS word document, PowerPoint or other writing program.

Evaulation: Printed four Square templates and final writing copies
Links: Four Square Site (Vermilion)
Four Square MS Word Template
Four Square Interactive
PowerPoint Writing Prompt (Model)
More Graphic Organizers
Materials: Mobile Labs, Whiteboards