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Gangs and Clicks... Are They One In The Same?

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Keywords: reading, writing, Communication Arts, English, Language Arts, history
Subject(s): History, Grammar, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Technology
Grades 7 through 9
School: Silex School, Silex, MO
Planned By: Jenny Carnahan
Original Author: Jenny Carnahan, Silex
Before reading the book, The Outsiders, the students will create a Venn diagram on their own comparing/contrasting "gangs" and "clicks". Some students may not know anything about either subject, but have them work for at least 5 minutes to think of ideas. When the five minutes is completed, have one student at a time put an answer in a big Venn diagram that is on the board. When everyone is finished and no words are repeated, discuss your findings. This is a great debate starter. Discussion gets started with either side and work your way through until all three sections are covered. Having the whiteboard or SMART Board gets the students up and moving, while seeing each others points of view. This is then taken to another level by searching for famous gangs and clicks and discussing their differences.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
In a history setting, famous gangs or gansters could be researched for a paper.
After the book is finished, talk to the students about where they think the boys from The Outsiders fit into our Venn diagram that we made.
Materials: Literacy, Reading, Projector Screens, Portable, Whiteboards, Writing
Other Items: The Outsiders book, $6.00 each