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Louisiana Unit for Pre K

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Keywords: Louisiana, pre k, flip camera
Subject(s): Geography, Social Studies, History
Grade P-K
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Ashlie Landry
Original Author: Ashlie Landry, Erath
1. The teacher will introduce their state to the class.

2. Show the map of their state.

3 The teacher and students will discuss their culture, food, traditions with the students. (Special days like Mardi Gras for Louisiana, etc.)

4. Have the students trace the outline of their state on the computer.

5. Have the children sing the state song and film the children singing it with a flip camera. Share with parents during parent meeting, etc.

6. With pictures of the unit, create a slide show on the website for parents to view the lesson.
Links: Slide show (Using slide.com)
Pre K Sites (Scroll down for LA Unit)
Materials: Whiteboards, Flip Video