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Getting Ready for Graduation

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Keywords: Graduation, slide shows, powerpoint presentations, journalism, photography
Subject(s): Journalism
Grades 8 through 12
School: Goodrich School, Goodrich, TX
Planned By: Sherrie Kephart
Original Author: Sherrie Kephart, Goodrich
The senior class has 14 students. My journalism class has 13, so each student will be assigned a senior to work with to gather the needed information. We will pull information from old yearbooks, and work with their family members to gather images and create a personal history for each senior. Each student will make a slide show. The individual slide shows will then be stitched together into a giant slide show and burned into DVD for each senior to have a copy.
1. Assign each student to a senior
2. bring in the seniors to talk about the project and get names and phone numbers for the collaboration
3. Research old yearbooks for school related pictures of each of the seniors, get the images scanned in and saved to jump drives
4. Talk to the family and start accumulating the pictures.
5. scan the pictures and sort them by age progressions
6. Build a power point titled with each students name.
7. Do a complete slide show for each student, and save
8. Have a class show the show day, and critique each
9. edit each show to make "perfect" and resave
10. Combine the slide shows, render and burn to dvd.
11. Have a preview the show .......
12. Show at graduation and present each senior with a copy.
We only have one camcorder, and we really need another. We have a Canon Mini-DV and it works great, but we need another or even two for the times we have things going on in the other portions of the campus.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
History, family geneology
Materials: DVD Camcorder, Digital SLR, DVD/VCR Players, Flash/USB Drives, Slideshow