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Set Design

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Keywords: set design
Subject(s): Drama
Grades 9 through 12
School: Chestatee High School, Gainesville, GA
Planned By: Kelli Duncan
Original Author: Kelli Duncan, Gainesville
follow rubric to design a box set from the play you chose.

Outline for Grading and Requirements for Set Design

Step by Step:
Director analysis -(1 page paper written to explain what happens in the play and how you plan to show what you want the stage to look like)

Blue Prints- A birds eye layout for how the stage will be filled.

Have box and painted…also list of supplies that will be needed to create the set design box.

Supplies here (in class to work with)
Completed Set (set box is complete and ready for voting)

Grade based on:

Thisshould be very visual....aestheticly beautiful!!! Appealing to the audience but still tells the story!
This assignment is great for Techies!!! Also great for actors to understand the design process.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
using multi media specialist help to get the students to branch out of their comfort zones and use more creative ways of producing a set design.
vote on the class favorite and choose a director. Actually start designing the set in preperation of producing the production.
Materials: Spreadsheet, Art Tools, Word Processor, Books, Writing, Literacy, Reading, Flash/USB Drives, CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Batteries, Camera/Video Accessories, Video Tools, Electronics, MP3 Players, Digital Voice Recorders, Wildlife, Flip Video, Flash Memory Camcorders, Video Cameras, Whiteboards, Web Page, Slideshow, Clip Art, Timeline, Animation, Music, Midi Instruments, Internet Services, Autism, Cause and Effect, Speech and Language, Hardware Devices