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Culminating Alternative Energy project

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Keywords: Alternative Energy, Prezi, Google Earth, PowerPoint, Home Energy Audit
Subject(s): Science
Grades 9 through 12
School: Chestatee High School, Gainesville, GA
Planned By: Nick Scheman
Original Author: Nick Scheman, Gainesville
Culminating Alternative Energy Project

As a culminating group project for the Alternative Energy Unit, each team will be given a specific city somewhere on the planet. Using knowledge gained from the current unit on Energy, each team will:

1. Decide upon the most appropriate alternative energy source for their specific city.

2. Justify their selection using up to date research and rationale.
Each team must show proper citations to account for all research information!! Each Team must rigorously be able to defend their choice and explain why other options are not good for the city!!!

3. Each team must use detailed maps from Google Earth to show their city and the location for all alternative energy resouces. Teams must also utilize Galileo to explain how the energy source will work for the city and justify its location!

4. Each team must run some sort of cost and benefits analysis for the energy source and show proof that it is the "best" solution.

5. Teams must include data obtained from the Jacksom EMC Home Energy Audit website.

All Presentations must include Hyperlinked Powerpoint and Prezi showing their detailed maps, data, and research.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Geography, Math, Language Arts
Materials: Mobile Labs, Portable, Flash/USB Drives, High