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Video Self Modeling to Teach Students with Autism appropriate LIFE SKILLS

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Subject(s): Autism, Early Learning, Special Needs
Grades 1 through 12
School: Cape Fear Middle School, Rocky Point, NC
Planned By: Laura Weber
Original Author: Laura Weber, Rocky Point

AS THE TEACHER RECORDS THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE: Teacher prompts student to get back pack and un zip it. Then she prompts him to get his pack up list. She asks him what he needs first (what is the first thing on the list) which student states and retrieves to place in his back pack. Student makes a check mark on the list. Additional prompts are provided as needed for the student to complete each item on the list. The teacher continues to prompt the student to read the next item on the list and to retrieve the item and place it in his back pack until all items are placed. The student is then prompted to zip up the back pack and place it on his desk until it is time to leave.

THE TEACHER THEN LOADS THE ENTIRE VIDEO ONTO THE COMPUTER AND EDITS OUT ALL OF HER PROMPTS. The final produce only includes the actions of the student and his verbal statements of items on the list.

THE TEACHER THEN HAS THE STUDENT WATCH THE VIDEO SEVERAL DAYS IN A ROW RIGHT BEFORE HE PACKS UP HIS BACK PACK. The student views himself completing the task independently with no cues whatsoever.

The student is not shown the video and assessment is made as to whether he can pack up independently. If he is independent, continue to allow him to pack up without watching the video. If he has difficulty, continue to have him watch the video several times a week (or when he is having an extremely hard day). Slowly fade the visual prompt until no longer needed.
Materials: Flip Video
Other Items: 2 FLIP VIDEO, $150.00 each, total of $300.00