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My Sierra County

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Keywords: writing, technology, photography
Subject(s): Social Skills, Technology, Geography, Writing, Animation, Reading, Photography, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar, Speech and Language
Grades 6 through 10
School: Truth OR Consequences Mid Sch, Truth Consq, NM
Planned By: Brandi Cox
Original Author: Brandi Cox, Truth Consq
DAY 1: Brainstorm about ideas, activities, locations, landmarks, people, etc. that
make the county in which we live special and unique.

Encourage whole group and partner discussions. Students should spend a
lot of time sharing ideas and collecting information. Turn and talk
(partners), 5W's chart with info, look through local newspapers, word webs,
t-charts, sensory charts, google/surf the internet, etc.

DAY 2: Teacher models and shares an example of what a powerpoint presentation
about a county might look like. Discusses the use of perspective and how
each student has their own experiences, thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints.

Quick lesson on using a digital camera. Basic guidelines to follow when
operating a camera and taking pictures. Also discuss the care and
handling of the digital camera. Students practice in classroom and around
the school for the period. Question and answer for the last 15 minutes of

Students take cameras home for several days (Tues.-Mon.) to capture
images that will help them express themselves. Assign taking pictures
every night as homework.

DAY 3: Students begin to focus on a topic and supporting ideas for an essay on
"My Sierra County." Students create a graphic organizer or an outline to
organize the parts of their essay. They may also start their rough draft.

DAY 4: Continue rough draft

DAY 5: Each student will revise and edit their own paper. Students will be
placed in groups of 3 to revise and edit each paper as a group.

DAY 7: Students import photos and begin to set up their powerpoint.

DAY 8: Continue organizing and creating the powerpoint presentation.

DAY 9: Type the final draft of the essay on a Word document.

DAY 10: Continue creating the powerpoint presentation and add any finishing

DAY 11& 12: Present powerpoint presentations to the class!
Materials: Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Scientific, Camera Bags, Batteries, Memory Cards, Writing
Other Items: 20 Digital camera, $100 each, total of $2000.00
20 Camera bags, $20 each, total of $400.00
20 Memory cards, $15 each, total of $300.00