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JOB POD Career Podcasting Project

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Keywords: Technology, ELA, Podcasting
Subject(s): Podcasting, English/Language Arts
Grades 7 through 12
School: Creek Bridge High School, Marion, SC
Planned By: Cynthia (Cindy) Floyd
Original Author: Cynthia (Cindy) Floyd, Marion
JOB POD! Career Podcasting Project
Creek Bridge High School
Pam Dellinger and Cindy Floyd

The purpose of this project is to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge gained and maturity achieved during their high school career so far. This project gives students the chance to choose an area of study, to combine different disciplines, to satisfy specialized curiosity, and to utilize talents in a productive way. The project gives them the chance to make their high school experience a more meaningful and practical one.

This project is a four-faceted production. The first involves researching and writing a documented research paper on the topic. This component will require students to use specific skills such as research, organization, and time management to produce a word-processed document. Next, students create a slideshow which includes all major points.

The second facet of the project will require students to spend time “virtually shadowing” someone in a specific field of study by using the Internet. These experiences are “real-world” and “hands-on.” Podcasts will be created to share what students learn.

The third facet allows students to apply the information they have gained to create additional podcasts that demonstrates mastery of the topic.

The fourth facet requires students to give a 10-15 minute oral presentation in which they discuss the research, the “hands-on” shadowing experience, and podcast creation. Here they will have a chance to show off their projects and knowledge to classmates, other teachers, and invited guests. Podcasts will be available through the school webpage for viewing, as well.

Topic Selection

• Topic must be approved by parent/guardian AND English teacher.
• Topic must be adaptable for shadowing, a podcast, a slideshow, and an oral presentation of 10-15 minutes.
• Topic should be of interest to the student, challenge his/her abilities, connect with his/her goals, be worth his/her time, and teach him/her something new.
• Topic should stimulate questions that guide the research.
• Topic should be manageable in time, money, and sources.

Students must use at least five credible sources for the research. Requirements include the following:
• Book or pamphlet
• Periodical (newspaper, magazine, or journal article)
• Electronic

Before selecting a topic, students should ask themselves the following questions:
• Does this subject really interest me?
• Are ample sources of information readily available?
• Can this topic be presented objectively?
• Can an interesting podcast be developed from this topic?
• Can this topic be sufficiently limited?
• What other disciplines might be involved with the topic?
• Does this topic offer a challenge?
Remember, you will be spending much time with this topic!

Topic Approval Form




1. Stateyour proposed topic and write at least three guiding research questions.

2. List at least three credible sources you have found on your topic. (Use correct bibliography format):

3. Parent/Guardian Approval of Topic:________________________________

English Teacher Approval of Topic: ________________________________

Time Line for Your Project
Each part of the project builds on the previous part(s); therefore, one must complete EACH PART of the project.

Keep this checklist in a prominent and safe place so that you can schedule yourself in an effective manner. Effective time management is an important life skill.

Required Element of Project Due Date(s)
Topic approval form Teacher enters dates.
Working bibliography
Note cards and final bibliography cards (30)
Rough draft (make one copy to turn in AND one to keep)
Final draft (make one copy to turn in AND one to keep)
Planning report on visual and oral presentation
Letter of invitation for presentation
Outline for oral presentation
Submission of completed shadowing log
Submission of podcast and self-evaluation
Oral presentation
Self-analysis of project

South Carolina Content Standards and Objectives in Language Arts and Technology will be met as students complete the activities that include, but are not limited to:

Research Paper: Students research and write a documented research paper on the career selected. This component will require students to use specific skills such as research, organization, and time management to produce a word-processed document.

Podcasted Interviews: Students will conduct interviews with persons in the career field they have chosen. Students create questions in advance to ask persons to be interviewed. A video link and slideshow will be posted on the school web page.

Slideshow: Students create a slideshow depicting all major points covered in the research paper. This will contain clip art and sounds.

Blog: Students will “blog” about their experiences in completing this project. They will discuss what they learned from interviews with persons in their chosen career area. The teacher and classmates will contribute ideas and suggestions.

Here is how the resources in this grant will be used:

Tool Factory Software: This software will be used for the production of all podcasts. These will then be available on the school web page. These will include interviews with persons in the career area students have selected. The software will be used with the audio components of all parts of the project; which will be used to assess student learning. We will use this software extensively, as all students have individual laptops available for project completion. Technology-rich integration is a key component of instruction in our school.

Digital Voice Recorders and Microphones: The digital voice recorders and microphones will be used for the recording of all podcasts. These will be used for all interviews or recording discussion. Students will be supervised when using the recorders and microphones. The portability of these devices makes it simple for student use!

Web Page Station: The Web Page Station can be used to host this project. Students throughout the school can view the podcasts with ease. All students in the school will be able to view podcasts and use the Web Page Station. Our teachers and students will have the luxury of having a Technology Coach to train them in how to use the Web Page Station in all of their technology projects!

Clip Art Station: Our students and teachers are going to go crazy over this resource! They can use it to design the web page, create slideshows, make the blog more creative, and so much more! One common complaint we get is that we do not have access to enough cool clipart. This will solve that problem! Our technology-based projects are going to be so much more visually appealing. Students love to be creative by using clip art.

Simple Guide to Podcasting: This will be used during training to get podcasts produced. Our goal is that this publication will allow teachers, students, and members of the community to learn how to podcast and integrate technology into their daily lives and routines!

RUBRICS (very useful and requested by teachers):
Research Paper Evaluation
Name:________________________ Topic:_________________________

Basic Required Components—MUST be present for paper to be read
Yes No
___ ___ Title Page
___ ___ Works Cited Page (with minimum of 5 sources which includes the
3 required types)
___ ___Correct MLA Format
I. Use of Sources
Excellent (10 points) Good (9 points) Average (8 points) Fair
(7 points) Poor
(6 points) Very little evidence (5 points) No evidence (0 points)
All research information is documented
Works are cited properly within text
No ghost quotes
Mixture of writer’s own words, quotes, and paraphrases
Sources and citations match
Works Cited page done correctly
II. Content/Organization
Excellent (10 points) Good (9 points) Average (8 points) Fair
(7 points) Poor
(6 points) Very little evidence (5 points) No evidence (0 points)
Introduction and thesis

Smooth, logical transitions
Clear organizational strategies that support thesis (X2)
Content is fully developed with specific, accurate, and relevant details; shows depth of research and thought (X5)
Conclusion shows learning on the part of the writer, not just a restatement of introduction
Sophisticated writing (varied sentences, precise vocabulary, etc.)
III. Mechanics and Conventions
Excellent (10 points) Good (9 points) Average (8 points) Fair
(7 points) Poor
(6 points) Very little evidence (5 points) No evidence (0 points)
Title page and pagination
S/v and p/a agreement
Sentence structure (no fragments, run-ons, comma splices, or awkward wording)
Formal third person

FINAL GRADE:______/250
Planning Report on Oral Presentation

The purpose of this report is to update your teacher on the status of your upcoming presentation and visual aids. It also is designed to make you think about what you have done and what you need to do. This report should be written IN MEMO FORM and should include the following headings:

1. Purpose
In this brief paragraph, state the main purpose of your presentation (what do you want the audience to get from it?) and the relationship between your podcast and your purpose.

2. Preliminary Actions
In this paragraph, tell what you have already completed in terms of your podcast and how you have begun to plan for your oral presentation. Have you reviewed your research to highlight the main points you want to make?

3. Subsequent Actions
In this paragraph, explain the tasks you need to complete to be ready on your presentation date. Be specific about what you need to do; it will help you plan your time if you include each detail.

4. Contingency Plan
Always expect the unexpected, so be prepared! What is your PLAN B? What if you have prepared a podcast and you cannot get it to come up on the day of your presentation—what are you going to do?

5. Conclusion
In this paragraph, honestly assess your progress. Are you in good shape, or do you need to rethink your schedule?

Scoring Guide:
Correct format, including use of headings: 20 points
Content complete with specific support: 40 points (8 per heading)
Correct conventions: 20 points

Podcast Evaluation

Name:___________________________________ Class:_____________________

Type of visual aid(s):___________________________________________________
Domain Superior
(15 points) Good
(13 points) Average
(12 points) Fair
(11 points) Minimum
(9 points)
Evidence of planning and
endeavor to complete or fully
explore possibilities
Effort/Time expended
Evidence of learning
Degree of difficulty
Risk factor—did the project stretch the student?
Quality and overall effect of

SCORE: _______/90


Self-evaluation of Podcast

Name:________________________________ Class:_____________________

1. In approximately 25 words, describe your podcast.

2. Fill in the blanks:
A. Estimated total hours spent on creating the podcast:_________________
B. Estimated total steps involved:_______________________
C. List of materials used:_________________________________________

3. Would you feel threatened to show your podcast to an expert for evaluation? If yes, why? If no, why not?

4. What was the most difficult part of preparing your podcast?

5. What was the picture in your mind before you started working on this podcast? How does this compare with the outcome you have experienced?

6. What grade do you think you deserve? Why?

Presentation Evaluation Form

Name:______________________________________ Class:____________________


StartingTime:___________________ Finishing Time:_________________________

____1. Dress/appearance—5 points

____2. Shows relationship between research, hands-on experiences, and podcast—10 points

____3. Organization of content (intro that grabs the audience’s attention, smooth transitions, appropriate conclusion)—15 points

____4. Appropriate grammar and language usage (words to avoid—uh, um, well, you know, stuff, etc.)—15 points

____5. Appropriate time (10-15 minutes)—10 points

____6. Speaking skills (eye contact, poise, posture, rate/volume of voice, gestures, etc.)—20 points

____7. Development of content (main ideas and points supported by accurate and appropriate details; application of learning)—25 points

SCORE: ______/100

Community Service and Shadowing Log


Youare responsible for keeping accurate records of dates and times spent on community service and shadowing. ALL SHADOWING MUST BE VERIFIED, OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT. You determine your grade at 20 points per verified hour up to 5 hours (for a total of 100 points).

Date of Service Activity: explain what you did during this time period Time of service Name and phone # of verifying official Signature of verifying official

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Easily adaptable to any subject/grade area. Simply change topic and make simple modifications.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, CDs and DVDs, Printers, Camera/Video Accessories, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards, English/Language Arts, Podcasting, Web Page, Slideshow, Clip Art, Integrating Technology