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Digital Scratchboards

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Keywords: Digital, scratchboard, portrait
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Photography
Grades 7 through 8
School: Donnie Bickham Middle School, Shreveport, LA
Planned By: Kathy Wilson
Original Author: Kathy Wilson, Shreveport
Digital Scratchboards (Adapted from Jeannie Sandoval)

Objective: Students Will
Understand new techniques in technology
Manipulate light and shadows to produce a high contrast photo
Create a scratchboard technique will a new media

Adobe Photoshop
Scratchboard paper
Stylus stick

1. Close up head shots of each student will be taken in class.
2. Using Adobe Photoshop open student picture.
3.Image size will be 8 x 10.
4. Go to Mode and use gray scale.
5. On Adjustments scroll to Brightness and Contrast.
Brightness 25 and Contrast 25. Adjustments can be made. Backgrounds should
be kept simple. Outside is always best.
6.On Image use Adjustments and go to Posterize. Levels should be a 2 or 3. Contrasts
can be altered at this point.
7. Print each digital image.
8. Students will now place the printed self-portrait directly on top of the prepared scratchboard. Tape to secure.
9. Trace directly on the printed page with a pencil.
10.Complete tracing and lift off the printed image. Save for reference.
11.Using printed paper begin to scratch away the white areas.
12. Mat with black construction paper.
Materials: Art Tools
Other Items: 1 Adobe photoshop, $174.00 each, total of $174.00