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Keywords: video, photos, journalism, technology, social skills, art
Subject(s): Art, Video, Social Skills, Technology, Writing, Music, Reading, Photography, English/Language Arts, Grammar, Journalism
Grades 6 through 8
School: Future Leaders Institute, NY, NY
Planned By: Brie Baierlein
Original Author: Brie Baierlein, NY
Learning Objectives:
The student will describe an idea that they would like to create the video about with his/her teacher. The student will research additional information about this subject. The student will gather information and save it on a file at the school.

Digital cameras
PC or Laptop
Movie Maker program

The student's video may include:
- Pictures taken by that student to illustrate the issue that
- Video taping clips of the process or project in action
- Compiling all the information together
- Creation of a storyboard
- Beginning the editing of the video

Lesson Outline

1. The student will be Introduce to the project
2. The student will research the area of interest
3. The student will compile information together
4. The student will create a storyboard of their ideas
5. The teacher will give feedback about the project
6. The student will begin to edit and create the video
7. The teacher will give feedback about the project
6. The student will participate in a video assembly of the premier of the project

The student will:
a. Create a folder on his or her hard drive school folder or flash drive
b. Define the program that the student will use to make his or her movie by using movie maker
c. Discuss with the teacher how they plan to use their digital photos
d. Create a folder with all his or her images and video
e. The student will create and edit his or her movie using the program

Teacher will:
a. Final review and approve by the teacher for presentation
b. Present project to the class

Materials: Flash Memory Camcorders, Flip Video, Point and Shoot, Digital SLR, Portable, Projector Screens, Digital Voice Recorders, Video Tools, Integrating Technology