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Bringing Historical Figures Alive

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Keywords: famous americans, powerpoint, biography, presentation
Subject(s): Reading, Writing, Technology, Video, Art, Information Skills, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Journalism, Drama, History
Grades 3 through 7
School: Northeast Elementary School, Pikeville, NC
Planned By: Cammy Harbison
Original Author: Cammy Harbison, Goldsboro
Day 1
Students will be preparing to choose a famous person to do researc on an a somewhat extensive project. The Theme can be one of your choice. For my students I had them choose famous figures from the American Revolution.

Give students a list f individuals from which to choose, which go along with your theme. To help with the buy in on their particular character it might be good to give students a short tidbit of information about each character and why they might want to research them.

Once students have chosen their person they will prepare to spend the next dy in the computer lab doing research on the internet.

Day 2
Prepare students to do ther research by letting them know what the required end products will be:

1. Short written report/Speech
2. Powerpoint presentation
3. Costume

Explain to students that as they researh they need to make sure to find out what the person was like ( what they were famous for, what they stood for, how they tie into the American revolution etc.)

Students will be expected to prepare an animated presentation for the class which would includedressing up as the character, using one of the characters quotes or some other catchy intro to open their presentation, a powerpoint which can be shown and talked through to show what the student learned. Student will also submit a short biography of the historical figure along with and explination of why they chose that person.

Give studet a rubric of what will be required in the presentation so students can stay on track.

Show students a sample powerpoint presentation

Take any questions students mght have this day.

Day 3-4 ( 2 hours)

Computer lab time - students begin their research - monitor their progress

Day 5
Begin filling information into powerpoint

Day 6
show student how to insert photos and change font - allow them to work on cosmetics this day

Day 7

Teach a lesson on writing good intros and then have students work on their intros. ( ex: ask aquestion, use a sound effect, state a fact, quotes etc.).

Day 8

Students present finished products to the class. These presentations will be video taped to put in student protfolios and on class wiki space for parents to see.
Materials: Office Suite, Flip Video, Whiteboards