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Modern Day Piracy

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Keywords: Copyright, video, media
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Special Needs, Information Skills, English/Language Arts
Grades 9 through 12
School: Ridge School, Rockville, MD
Planned By: Fallon Keplinger
Original Author: Fallon Keplinger, Rockville
Name: Clifton Rogers and Fallon Keplinger
Date: 05-11-2010
Period / Tine: 9:22- 10:12
Grade Level(s): 9th to 12h
Instructional Level(s): 9th to 11th
Curricular Area: Technology Literacy
Communicated Expectations for Behavior: Respect Self, Others and Environment, and technology 2.) Stay on Task, 3.) Appropriate Language volume and websites 4.) Ask Appropriate Questions 5.) Have fun

Long Range Goal:
To enhance understanding of media technology-using Kinetics experiences using digital software and hardware to increase studentís aptitude to the digital revolutions.

Relevancy to Studentís lives:
Being able to use technology and understanding copyright laws and media literacy is beneficial and practical in real-world applications.

Computer, internet access paper, pencil, worksheet on copyright laws and media literacy flash drive printer folder binders

Transition / Warm Up: Open Microsoft word and list the six big media corporations America.
Time: 2 to 5 minutes

Motivating Activity:
Students will find a clip of muiti media that explains copyright infringment. In addition students will list the media that copyright Laws cover.
Time: 2 to 5 minutes
(introductory, instructional, independent)
(Students will be able toÖ)

(1) Explore copyright infringement laws pertaining to media.
(2) Student will create original five-minute video on copyright infringement.

Teaching Strategies
(I will):
(1) Independent study: teacher will provide prompt on copyright infringement using smart board.
Time: 15-20 minutes
(2) Multi Media Instruction: I will demonstrate creating short film on copyright infringement using movie.
Time: 15-20 minutes
(3) Direct instruction: teacher will provide notes and discussion on topic to be filmed.
Time:15-20 minutes

Student Activities: (So Students the students canÖ)
(1)So students can learn information about illegal and legal practice involving copyright.
(2)So students can visual explore concepts of copyright laws
(3)So students can utilize computer technology create video on copyright laws.

Connections to previous and future lessons:
Reviewing notes and taking test are important and helps with retaining information for future assignments.

Summarizing Activity:
Peer review of studentís video by classmates.

Formal or Informal Evaluation:
Observation will be used to check on student comprehension work sample video check list

Transition Plan out:
cross out activities on the agenda as they are completed. Write positive behavioral reports and fill-in point sheets for students. Stand in doorway as students exit classroom.

Special Modifications for certain students:
Students will need frequent breaks need all material read out loud and frequent breaks throughout class period. Students will be reminded of incentive

Reflective Questions (concerns prior to lessons, specific considerations, etc).

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson plan could be used in a government class to discuss media and the law.
Discuss the difference between copyright and fair use. Listen musical artists who have been charged with copyright infringement, and judge for ourselves.
Materials: Whiteboards, Printers, Flash/USB Drives, Computer Accessories, Keyboards, Headsets, English/Language Arts, Reading, Office Suite, Keyboarding, Video Tools, Internet Services, Assessment, Speech and Language