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Keywords: pets, science, podcasting, ipods, netbook, laptops, video, photography, oral languange, early childhood
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Early Learning, Podcasting, Life Science, Photography, English/Language Arts, Science
Grade P-K
School: Lucy Read Pre-Kindergarten Demonstration School, Austin, TX
Planned By: Sandy Martinez
Original Author: Sandy Martinez, Austin
Teachers can create introductory mini podcasts or web 2.0 tool to introduce facts about a new classroom pet. Teachers can utilize audacity or web 2.0 tools such as blabberize or voicethread to create short factual biography on a new pet. This can be shown on laptops, netbooks or ipod touches that students can access as they observe a new pet.

Biographies can include the proper name of pet, what it eats, where it lives, how it moves and what type of animal it is. These fun facts can help children begin to explore more about their new classroom pet.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This can be used to show videos or student made videos about new things they learn about the pet or what they have observed.
Children can create mini videos about pet life cycle and have others view it on the ipod touch.
Materials: Projector Screens, Digital Voice Recorders, MP3 Players, Microphones, Hard Drives, Integrating Technology, Early Learning
Other Items: 2 Apple Ipod Touch, $250 each, total of $500.00