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3-D Point of View

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Keywords: 2-D, 3-D, point of view
Subject(s): Math, Geometry
Grade 4
School: Pasco Elementary School, Dade City, FL
Planned By: Lindsay Campbell
Original Author: Lindsay Campbell, Dade City
The following "lesson" is actually a center or culminating activity for students in Florida in 4th grade.

Standard: Identify and build a three-dimensional object from a two-dimensional representation of that object and vice versa.

Materials: blocks, cameras, a computer and printer

Directions: Students will work independently to build a 3-D object with blocks. Then they will take photos of the object from the front, back, sides, and top. They will then exchange pictures with a partner who will try to recreate the object. Once the object is created, the partner will color in a grid to show the top, front, back and side views. These can be compared to the pictures for accuracy.

A rubric for accuracy in building the 3-D object or drawing the 2-D representations can be used to determine students mastery of this standard.
Also needed are a computer and printer in order to print photos taken with lab cameras.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Can be mixed with art and Point of View.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Elementary, Digital Cameras
Other Items: 1 Digital Camera Mobile Lab, $3699.00 each, total of $3699.00