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Virtual Book Talk

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Keywords: videos, book reports, book talk, groupwork, reading, language arts, primary, intermediate
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Podcasting, Reading, English/Language Arts, Drama
Grades K through 12
School: McKay Creek Elementary School, Pendleton, OR
Planned By: Shauna Altman
Original Author: Shauna Altman, Pendleton
Common Curriculum Goal: Speaking: Communicate supported ideas across the subject areas using oral, visual, and multimedia forms in ways appropriate to topic, context, audience, and purpose ; organize oral, visual, and multimedia presentations in clear sequence, making connections and transitions among ideas and elements ; use language appropriate to topic, context, audience, and purpose ; and demonstrate control of eye contact, speaking rate, volume, enunciation, inflection, gestures, and other non-verbal techniques.

Oregon State Standard: EL.02.SL.01 Retell stories in own words including characters, setting, and plot.

Specific purpose: Children will use flip cameras to record book talks. Then they will edit their flipcharts and finally present them to the class.
Assessment: Teacher will use a speech rubric based on the Oregon state standards to assess each completed video.

Materials Needed:
Standard Book Report Form
Flip Cameras and Computer with software
Multi-media projector
Getting started: Teacher will model her book talk video. Then she will demonstrate how to use a flip-camera and how to speak to the camera.

Summary of the lesson: After show the students how to use the flip-camera, have them fill out the book report form. Model how to use the book report form as an outline, adding transition words to move from section to section.

After students have recorded their book talks, demonstrate video editing to the class. Then, allow students to work in pairs to prepare their videos for their screenings.

Closure: End the project with a movie and popcorn screening of all books. Allow students to answer questions from their peers after each virtual book talk.

Meeting all learners needs:
Visual learners through video
Auditory learners using audio attached to the video
Kinesthetic learners can choose to move around while presenting their books
ELL learners will benefit demonstration in addition to oral instructions

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This project could be integrated to any subject. The books could be social studies books, science books, or art books. The recording could also be about different scientific methods, how to create something, or it could be a speech.
Students could respond to book talks by reading the book and then responding with their own opinion of the book.
Materials: Flip Video, Short Throw Projectors, Projector Screens, Video Tools, Hard Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Power, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Mice, Podcasting, Authoring and Publishing