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Keywords: lab equipment, video, commercial, science
Subject(s): Video, Life Science, Earth Science, Biology, Science, Chemistry, Physics
Grades 5 through 12
School: Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, TX
Planned By: Glenn Rankin
Original Author: Glenn Rankin, Santa Fe
The lesson plan uses the 5E model, but can be adapted to any system.

1. Present an interesting piece of laboratory equipment (I use a buret because it's something the students might have no prior knowledge about) by asking the class if the object reminds them of anything. Discuss the students' responses.
2. Lead the discussion to a point where you can ask a student to explain how they think the object works and what it might be used for. Discuss the responses.

1. Form the students into pairs or small groups based on availibility of equipment.
2. Give each group a box of common lab equipment and give them 10 minutes to write down as many observations about the objects in the box. Remember observations are not names of objects, but descriptions of the object.
3. Encourage students to make note of any objects that are similar in form to the equipment in the box.

1. Hold up each item from the box and have the students give you five unique observations over each one.
2. From the observations have a student make in inference on the object's use. Discuss the responses. Use hints or demonstrations to lead the discussion if necessary.

1. Have each group select a piece of equipment (or assign/random).
2. The group will write, record, and present a 2-5 minute video that is either a commercial or a product review/unboxing for the equipment.
3. The video should include:
a) the name of the equipment
b) what the equipment is used for
c) everyday item that is similar in form or function to the equipment
d) historical or trivial information on the equipment
4. Encourage students to research interesting facts on the use of the equipment.
5. Videos are due 1 week from assignment.
6. Present the videos to the class.

1. The class after presentations are complete give a video quiz over the equipment asking for name and function.

The introduction should fit within a 30 minute time period allowing for some time for transition. It might last longer with active discussion, but 45 minutes max should be allowed for the first three E's.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The concept of making a commercial or product review can be applied to anything. For ELA a short video over a part of speech or literary device could be interesting ("Look at the new similie I just picked up...")
Materials: Flip Video, Portable, Digital Voice Recorders, Microphones, Video Tools