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Labeling the World Map

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Keywords: Continents, Oceans
Subject(s): Social Studies, Geography, Technology
Grades 2 through 3
School: Garden Springs Elem School, Lexington, KY
Planned By: Sara Pickens
Original Author: Sara Pickens, Lexington
1. Students will be able to locate the seven continents and four oceans on interact websites (http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/Games/GeographyGames/Geospy and http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/World_Continents.htm) using the SMARTboard.

2. Students will be able to label the seven continents, North and South Pole, and the equator on a world map.

I will begin the lesson by asking the students questions about what we did the day before.
•How many continents do we have in the world? (7)
•How many oceans? (4)
•Can anyone name the seven continents? (Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, North America, South America, Europe)
•Can anyone name the four oceans?(Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic)
•Before visiting the websites, I must orient the SMARTboard, which means to get it ready to be interacted with. Once you orient the SMARTboard to where you have the screen positioned, you are ready to interact with it.
•The SMARTboard will be hooked up and the URL sites will be ready to go because I have saved them under favorites. I will inform the students that everyone will get a chance to come up and interact with the SMARTboard.
•We will first visit the http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/World_Continents.htm site where students will interact with two activities. The first activity will ask the students to locate the given continent or ocean on the world map.
•I have a jar with popsicle sticks that have every student’s name on them. I will use these to call on students that way everyone has a chance to interact with the SMARTboard.
•The second activity, on this same website, will have the students drag the given continent or ocean to it appropriate spot on the map. This is a little tricky because it wants you to line up the continent or ocean perfectly.
•We will then visit the site http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/Games/GeographyGames/Geospy. This is an interactive site that allows students to see if they can locate all seven continents on the world map in 30 seconds. I will allow five students to try this game, due to time. Again, I will use the popsicle sticks.
•After I have allowed about five students to try the continent game, I will turn the SMARTboard and laptop off.
•I will ask the students to clear their desks except for a pencil.
•The students will be given a sheet with the world map printed on it. Also, on the sheet is the seven continents names, the North and South Poles, and the equator. This is their key to use as they label each of these things on the world map. There are lines and arrows for the students to use as well.
•The students will turn their completed maps into the social studies bin on the bookshelf located behind my desk.
Links: Second Activity
First Activity
Materials: Computer Accessories, Whiteboards, Social Studies