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Laws of Motion Keynote Presentation

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Keywords: Laws of Motion, Newton, animation
Subject(s): Technology, Animation, Science, Physics
Grades 7 through 10
School: St Giles School, Oak Park, IL
Planned By: Sue Bailey
Original Author: Sue Bailey, Oak Park
Technology Resources:
Computer with Internet access
Apple Keynote software
http://soungle.com (for royalty-free sound effects)

• After a brief review of the tools available in Keynote, students will open application, and select a theme (background) for their presentations. All projects should consist of a title slide, and at least one slide for each law of motion.
• Students will write the Law of Motion on the appropriate slide, and will use clipart images and/or Keynote shape tools to create a circumstance illustrating the law.
• Once inserted into the Keynote slide, students will use animation tools in the Build Inspector (1) to customize the action and sequencing. By selecting the Action tab (2) on the right, and changing the Effect to Move (3), students can delineate the path of the animation, adding actions (using the + sign at the bottom or the palette) and additional points along the path of the motion (by holding the Option key while clicking on the red line).
• Because Newton’s Laws of Motion require moving objects to change speed and/or direction, students will need to create and connect multiple consecutive actions, by selecting “More Options” at the bottom of the Build Inspector, and adjusting the Build Order, Start options and Delay.

• With animations complete, students will download and insert simple sound effects (http://soungle.com) to add realistic detail. From Insert menu, scroll to Choose, and select the saved sound file. On the Build Inspector, choose Build In, and change Effect to start audio. Be sure to put the audio file in the correct spot in the build order, and select to start build automatically with the appropriate action.
• Finished presentations will be exported (File->Export) as a Quicktime movie, to be embedded in class webpage/wiki for sharing.

Note: Because there is no Pivot choice in the Action menu, creating a kicking motion requires a little creativity. Make the kicking leg twice as long as what is visible, and choose rotate from the Action menu. By “hiding” the leg behind the body, and positioning the axis of rotation at the character’s hip, the leg will appear to pivot. Use the Metrics Inspector (6th tab from the left/ruler) to adjust angle and direction of the rotation.
Links: Free sound effects
Materials: Art Tools, Power, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Mice, Middle, High, Slideshow, Sound Libraries, Clip Art, Integrating Technology
Other Items: Apple Keynote Software