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The Student Becomes the Teacher

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Keywords: lesson plan, peer teaching, reteach, reading, language arts
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades 7 through 8
School: Murry Barber Middle School, Acworth, GA
Planned By: Saundra Watts
Original Author: Saundra Watts, Acworth
There are many elements that the students will have to accomplish during this project:
1. Finding a way to present material so that their peers would understand it
2. How to speak well so that their peers can understand
3. How to write a teaching script in memorize it so that it is real and not robotic
4. How to use props, movement and eye contact to get their peers to stay focused on what they are saying

Learning objective:
1. To teach a concept
2. Use the appropriate technology to get the job done
3. Be able to get their project uploaded to Blackboard
4. Critique others teaching by commenting in Blackboard

Students will go through the same motions that we are teachers go through in order to teach their lesson. Once they walk in our shoes, they will appreciate what we do for them.
Day 1 and 2 Teacher will teach the students the different parts of the Understanding by Design (UBD) Lesson Plan using a projector and a screen. (worksheets are on the blog)
Day 3 and 4 Students will be on there computers practicing as partners how to create a UBD lesson plan using a classroom topic like setting in a story.
Day 5 As a class, we will discuss their lesson plans. They will compare and contrast as well as make suggestions on how to make the understanding better.
Day 6 and 7 Students will finalize their practice lesson plan and upload it to the Docstoc.com. Students know how to do this and how to get the embed code. Once they have the embed code, they are to go to Blackboard and under the Practice lesson plan thread, reply and put in their embed code.
Day 8 and 9 Students are then able to go through other lesson plans to get ideas and comment to those students about the things they did well and something that they can improve in their lesson plan.
Day 10 First students will individually write down elements that will help them pay more attention when teachers are teaching i.e. video clips, drawings, etc. Then they will get into partners and discuss their two lists. Lastly as a class, we will make a list of all the different elements that the students can consider to make their lesson plans.

Teaching Time
During this time, students will be given their topic that they will teach. Each topic will be related to a standard that needs to be taught in the curriculum. These lesson plans will be used, as a way to reteach concepts that students do not understand when I teach them.

Day 1 – 5 Each partnership is to brainstorm how they are going to teach the concept and how to fill out their UBD lesson plan.
Day 6 – 10 Each partnership will find or create resources to teach their concept.
Day 11 – 15 Each partnership will get a Flip camera and props that they created to start filming their actual teaching.
Day 16 – 20 Each partnership will upload their videos to iMovie and edit their videos. When they are done, they will save it as a Quicktime video.
In essence, they will have 20 days to get their teaching video done. Some kids will be finished earlier, they are able to be creative and create more resources to support their lesson.

Time to publish and critique others teaching.
Day 1 and 2 Students are to upload their lesson plans, tests, worksheets, etc. to Doctoc.com. They students know how to use it and how to get the embed code.
Day 3 and 4 Students are to do to Blackboard and go to the thread entitled Final Teaching Projects. They are to create a thread under it where they will add their video and all the parts that they uploaded to Docstoc.com.
Day 5 and 6 Each partnership will do the lesson from the group to their left. That way everyone’s video and worksheets are going to be watched and critiqued. Students will be given a rubric to score the partnerships lesson.

It will take a little over a month to do this project, but the students will be doing the work because they have full reign to be creative and they like to have the control. Also look at it this one, for one month, you will have the children creating reteach lessons that they can watch whenever they need to.
Things that will be needed to complete this project: computers, microphones, headphones, websites (animoto, voicethread, and blackboard), and software (iMovie)
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
You can do this cross curricular by giving the students topics that deal with social studies, science, math, language arts, etc.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Flash/USB Drives, Reading, Literacy, Writing