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Point and Shoot Mood Silent Movie

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Keywords: emotions, plot structure, mood
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Photography, Reading, Music, Writing, Technology, Video, Drama
Grades 7 through 8
School: Murry Barber Middle School, Acworth, GA
Planned By: Saundra Watts
Original Author: Saundra Watts, Acworth
Learning Objective:
Students will learn mood
Students will learn how to write a story beginning, middle, and end with no words, just photos, video and music.

The Beginning
Day 1 and 2 Pre-test on mood. Then students will review what mood means and look at pictures to describe the mood portrayed. Find pictures that show the emotions happy, sad, angry, fear, excited, and disgust.
Day 3 and 4 Students will review plot structure to make sure they understand how to write their story with the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. They will take cut out cartoons that have the words erased and put them in the correct order by observing the emotion and figuring out the story line.
Day 5 As individuals, students will come up with two topics that they think they could make a silent movie about. Then they are to turn to a partner and share ideas. Next they will turn to another partnership and share. As a group of four now, they need to decide which topic they can complete with perfection. We will go over the rubric so they will know what is expected of them and their movie.

The Middle
Day 1 and 2 Mid-assessment on mood. Then the group will spend this time as a group writing the first scene of their movie. They are not to use words, but to write the actions that the actors will do. (all of them should contribute to scene one because if not, the scene directors will just sit there not working because they would have nothing to do)

Also during these days, they need to decide who will be the script writers (two is the limit otherwise nothing will get done), props and scene directors (the other two who will draw, paint, print, what ever they need to make the science believable).

Day 3 12 Students will write their scripts and they should be complete.
Scene directors need to have all props etc. ready to go.
Groups can start practicing and memorizing.

Day 13 and 14 Students have the final rehearsals to make sure that everything is finalized and ready to shoot.

Day 15 20 At this point, student will take a point and shoot camera and tripod to begin filming each of their scenes. Once their scenes are complete, they need to upload them to iMovie and edit until they have their final product. They will need to go to www.freeplaymusic.com to find the music that fits the mood of their scenes.

The End
Day 1 and 2 Students need to put finishing touches on their videos. They will have a checklist that was given at the beginning of the project to check and make sure that their video meets the requirements. When they are complete, the need to upload the video to Blackboard under the thread Silent movies.

Day 3 and 4 Each student will be able to view other silent movies. They will be assigned a movie to make sure that all of the movies will be critiqued. They will use the rubric to evaluate the video along with trying to figure out the mood and the story line of the video.

They need to comment on their assigned videos in the following way:
1. What was the mood of the video?
2. How do you know? (Give examples)
3. What is the storyline?
4. What is something that the producers of the movie did really well?
5. What do you think they could have improved on to make the movie a little better?
Day 5 Time to get together as a class and discuss mood.
1. How can watching the silent movies help you to visualize what you read when you are reading a novel?
2. How did doing the project help you to understand mood?
3. What was the hardest part of the project?
4. What was the easiest part of the project?
5. What could we do to improve it?

Lastly we will have our final assessment on mood.
Again, this is a long time to work on an assignment, but the kids will focus and take ownership of this assignment and go above and beyond what you expect.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
They can make silent movies in any subject.
Links: Freeplay Music
Materials: Literacy, Reading, English/Language Arts, Tripods, Point and Shoot, Writing