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Movement Analysis

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Keywords: physical education, motor skills,
Subject(s): Health and PE
Grades 5 through 12
School: San Jose Edison Academy, West Covina, CA
Planned By: Matthew Bassett
Original Author: Matthew Bassett, West Covina
Students will be working on a specific motor skill. The students will have had prior instruction on the skill and have been given time to complete the skill. The students will work with partners who will take turns video taping each other. The student with the camera will video tape the partner completing the skill.

Examples of Motor Skills to video record
* Basketball (dribbling, passing, and shooting)
* Soccer (dribbling, passing, trapping, punting, throw ins, and shooting)
* Paddle Skills (forehand and backhand)
* Volleyball (underhand serve, forearm pass, and overhead set)
* Softball Skills (fielding, throwing/catching, and batting)
* Gymnastics/Tumbling (forward roll, straddle roll, log roll, cartwheels, roundoffs, headstands, handstands, etc.)
* Flag Football (throwing/catching, punting, and pass patterns)
* Dance Skills (multicultural dances, line dances, folk dances, and square dances)
* Locomotor Skills (run, gallop, skip, hop, jump, and leap)
* Track & Field (running technique, relays, modified javelyn throws, shot put, etc.)
* Fitness Skills (push up technique, curl up technique, modified pull up technique, etc).

Lesson Focus:
The students will complete one of the tasks for the unit given. The students will use a criteria worksheet to check off their ability for the task. The students will use the video to see what they need to work on for the skill. The students can complete a self reflection (check off the criteria themselves), peer evaluation (check off their partners criteria for their partner), or a teacher evaluation (the teacher will check off the critieria for the performer).

The students can take the information learned about their skill level and use the information to find a way to improve their skill level. The students can use both the teacher and task cards to complete this step. The students can continue practicing the skill and can reassess themselves when needed.

The teacher can use the video to record the students for their final assessments. The students can use the "before" and "after" video to make comparisons on their improvement. The teacher can use the video to check off the criteria and to assess the students.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Writing: Students can write about the motor skills, what they need to work on, and how they improved.
Science: using the video to work on learning about force and how to increase force in a skill (like throwing) and how to reduce force (like trapping a soccer ball).
Materials: Mobile Labs, Flip Video, MP3 Players, PA Systems, Video Tools, CDs and DVDs, Hard Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards
Other Items: 17 Flip Video Cameras (one per two students)
1 MP3 Player (for Dance & fitness units)
1 PA System (For Music and Fitness)
1 Video Tools Software
17 Tripods
34 Batteries
34 Memory Cards