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Impossible Situation Project using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

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Keywords: Photoshop Elements 5.0
Subject(s): Art, Technology
Grades 8 through 10
School: Deer Creek Middle School, Littleton, CO
Planned By: Pam Farris
Original Author: Pam Farris, Littleton
Draw, Name and Write down these editing tools in your sketchbook:
Magic Wand Tool- What does this do?
Crop Tool- What does this do?
Lasso Tool- What does this do?
Selection Brush Tool- What does this do?
Cookie Cutter Tool- What does this do?
Marquee Tool- What does this do?

Look through the Computer Art Pictures in the folder on your Desktop and the Pictures you took with the digital camera
**No Internet Pictures will be used with this project
Draw out a simple sketch in your sketchbook of what you want to do- stick figures are fine
Show the teacher your sketch
Make copies of the pictures your need and put them into your “Raw Pictures” folder

Open Adobe Photoshop Elements- Click on Edit and Enhance Photos
Go to File>New>Blank File OR Ctrl+N
Set the size for 5” x 7” or 7” x 5” (Make sure it is in inches, NOT pixels or cm)
Make sure it is set as “RGB” color
Save: either do Ctrl+S on the keyboard or File>Save from the menu. Save the file into your Project folder- Call it “Impossible Situation” -Size Medium

Open up one of your pictures from your “Raw Pictures” folder
Use the tools you wrote down from above to get edit out of the parts you don’t want
Make sure that there are no extra edges are left
*To get rid of the marching ants- Use Ctrl+D to Deselect
Save often
When finished editing that photo, use the magic wand and click on the white empty area to get marching ants.
Select>Inverse OR Shift+Ctrl+I (this will put marching ants around the good part)
Copy and Paste the edited picture onto your 5”x7” file your opened earlier- It should make a new layer
Change the size or more it around with the Move Tool
Rename your layers as you go
SAVE to your “Projects” folder

Continue to edit and add pictures to your project
SAVE to your “Projects” folder

You will be printing out what you see on the screen- make sure that your project and layers are visible
Hit the button on your keyboard that says “Print Scrn”
Go to File>New>Blank File OR Ctrl+N- just hit “OK”
Then paste with either Edit>Paste or Ctrl+V- you should see the screen shot
The current size is too big to print
Go to Image>Resize>Image Size OR Alt+Ctrl+I
Under the “Document Size” section and change the width to 10 inches and hit “OK”
Print to the Lab printer- Change the “Page Set Up” to landscape- Print to the Lab A Printer
Close “Impossible Print Screen” but not Photoshop
Do a 2nd “Print Scrn” showing that your project is saved in your Projects folder

Grade yourself then staple your printouts, your notes on the tools and grade rubric together. Give the teacher to grade. Do not delete any of your files yet.
A few student projects will be selected to be printed out in color from the teacher computer.

Project Requirements
• Notes on editing tools with symbols have a drawn symbol, name and describe what they do
• You need at least 4 pictures in your project- 1 of these pictures will be behind the edited pictures
• You need overlapping to happen at least once- Overlapping the back picture doesn’t count
• Use a variety of editing tools
• No extra edges on your edited pictures
• Rename your layers as you go
• Keep the bottom background layer blank
• Save to your “Projects” folder
Links: Link to Lesson Plan- Scroll down page
Materials: Digital Cameras, Printers, Camera/Video Accessories, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards, Power, Keyboards, Integrating Technology