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How To Be a Successful 8th Grade Student

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Keywords: Language Arts, Digital Story Telling, Movie Making
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Writing, Video
Grades 7 through 8
School: Perkerson Elementary School, Atlanta, GA
Planned By: Robin Glenn
Original Author: Robin Glenn, Atlanta
I will begin the year by explaining that we will be using the flip cameras to chronicle their experience as a eighth grader at our school and what actions students should take to be successful. I will explain that this is also going to be the final exam for them to showcase what they have learned in a different type of assessment.

I will explain that they are to work in groups to keep a record of each members' experiences. They will have a log to document what they are working on and how much time they are spending on their projects. They will be responsible for checking out the cameras, organizing and editing their work, and turning the cameras back in without damage.

I will require each group to show me quarterly what they are working on to get feedback throughout the year. I am not limiting them to the video they want to include because it is their story. Since we will be practicing different types of genres of writing as well as reading different pieces of literature, the students will be encouraged to include what they have learned.

The finale will occur at the end of the year when we come together to have a red carpet viewing of the movies. We will all step into the role of movie critiques to review the movies. I will then use the examples each year with my new classes as examples at the beginning of the year.
My new students can critique the movies and describe different story elements in each movie. We could also use in a discussion about Narrative Writing at the beginning of the school year.
Materials: Headsets, Flip Video
Other Items: 4 Tripods
20 Flash/ USB Drives
4 Flip Video Cameras
4 Headsets