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Data Collection Project

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Keywords: MATH, data, survey, results, graphs
Subject(s): Math
Grade 8
School: Alton Middle School, Alton , IL
Planned By: Jamie Beal
Original Author: Jamie Beal, Alton
Data Collection Project: 100 Piasa People Miss Beal

Goal: Students will not only understand the concept of data collection but also know how to apply it to real life situations using technology.

State/Local Objectives: Illinois State Standards
10.B.1b Collect, organize and describe data using pictures, tallies, tables, charts or bar graphs.
10.B.2b Collect, organize and display data using tables, charts, bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, line plots and stem-and-leaf graphs.
10.B.1c Analyze data, draw conclusions and communicate the results.
10.B.2c Analyze the data using mean, median, mode and range, as appropriate, with or without the use of technology.
10.B.2d Interpret results or make relevant decisions based on the data gathered.

Materials Needed:
Computer, projector, internet access for www.miniature-earth.com, poster supplies, video camera (digital camera or flip camcorder)

Show www.miniature-earth.com movie to class. Explain that we are going to create a similar movie but one that represents 100 Piasa people. Break students into groups and have each group come up with one question for the survey.

- Combine total class questions into a survey.
- Pass surveys out to 100 Piasa people.
- Collect surveys and tally results.
- Double check data is correct and each group has exactly 100 responses.
- Teach histograms, frequency tables, bar graphs and circle graphs.
- Discuss what it means to have misleading data.
- Create rough drafts of a frequency table, circle graph and a bar graph or histogram.
- Put poster together.
- Plan 1-3min. Presentation.
- Plan 15-30 second clip of information for the movie.
This clip should include important information collected from survey question but minimized in the length of a television commercial.
- Present posters to class and make movie on two consecutive class days.
- Record groups movie via Flip Camcorder or digital camera with video option.

Discuss posters after each presentation and how data could have been misleading. Why did they think they got the responses they did? Finish by watching the movie and seeing how everything was put together. (Extra: Burn dvd's and distribute to entire school to see data result movie.)

Bar Graph worksheet
Histogram worksheet
Circle Graph worksheet
Misleading Data worksheet

Use rubric to grade poster and presentation. 200 points allowed and 20 points extra credit if the correct information is on BOTH sides of the poster and not just one.
Our students really loved this activity and watching the final movie product. We used my personal digital camera to record the movie and I had to do all the editing. With flip cameras available in my classroom, they would be the ones using technology to create their final product and not myself.
Materials: Video Cameras, Flip Video, Microphones, CDs and DVDs, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Middle