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Keywords: digital storytelling, information literacy, photo story, book trailers, projects, presentations
Subject(s): Social Studies, Photography, Home Economics, Biology, Information Skills, Earth Science, Reading, Music, Animation, Life Science, Geography, Technology, Video, Health and PE, Art, English/Language Arts, Science, Foreign Language, History
Grades 9 through 12
School: Francis Howell Central HS, Saint Charles, MO
Planned By: Joan Rigby
Original Author: Joan Rigby, Saint Charles
In our library we collaborate with our teachers and students to take the boring and blah out of project presentations.
First, we meet with a teacher to learn about their requirements for research.
Second, we look at ways to integrate technology into their research with ebooks, databases and reliable sources.
Third, we help students gather and organize their information with proper citations.
Fourth, we look at the presentation methods that would best fit the information to be presented. This may be a PhotoStory (great for book trailers, step-by-step directions for recipes or building something in woodworking), Glogster (edu.glogster.com) is a wonderful upgrade from poster-type presentations. Students can add movie clips, sound, and images as well as text to these colorful, dynamic "online posters." Animoto allows students to produce a movie using avatar-type characters, sound and music. Voicethreads take an uploaded powerpoint and allow the students to add their voice and also allow other students to leave comments about their presentations.

In the end, the teachers are thrilled with the creativity that has been added to their students' presentations. And the students...well, they are in their element and do amazing things with the information they are presenting.
We are in the process of building student production studios so that students can work in small groups in an area where they can record and listen to their projects. We would like to have 5 rooms fully-equipped for these purposes
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
All subject areas can utilize these ideas. It's just a matter of imagination!
Once students have set up an account, they are free to use it for future project presentations.
Links: Photo Story - free download
Link to Glogster
Link to Voice Threads
Link to Animoto
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Mice, LCD Monitors, Ports and Hubs, Keyboards, Power, CDs and DVDs, Hard Drives, Video Tools, Microphones, Networked Projectors, Digital Cameras, Flip Video, Animation, Music, Sound Libraries, Internet Services, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 5 Flip Video Camcorders, $150 each, total of $750.00
5 PZM microphones, $90 each, total of $450.00
5 "studio" quality computers, $2300 each, total of $11500.00
30 Flash Drives - 4 gigabyte, $15 each, total of $450.00
5 Digital cameras, $125 each, total of $625.00