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Keywords: commercials
Subject(s): Art, Video, Technology, Writing, Music, Reading, Earth Science, Photography, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Spelling, Grammar, Science, Math
Grade 4
School: Holly Oak Elementary School, San Jose, CA
Planned By: Bryan Feci
Original Author: Bryan Feci, San Jose
1. Have students list products they are familiar with that we use as part of every day consumption that get thrown out or recycled:
soda cans, plastic bottles, napkins, sandwich bags, paper lunch bags, school lunch trays, etc.
2. Have students research what those products are made of.
3. Have students read about renewable and non-renewable resources to understand that not all products come from an infinite supply of that resource.
4. Have students view info-mericals that advertise a product. Record the different techniques used in those advertisements that help get people to want to buy them. (explaining how the item works, how easy it is use, comparing it to other products, give them the feeling that they will enjoy using it, how helpful it will be to have the product, product reviews and awards, and a price comparison to other similar products.)
5. Have students research re-usable products such as refillable water bottles and select a product to specialize in.
6. Have students design a 3-minute commercial using digital cameras, video camera, or just by acting them out to promote the use of a re-usable product that is eco-friendly.
(Movie software is best to use to edit and revise commercials.)
7. Share the commercials with others. (Maybe companies would be willing to donate sample products that you will promote at your school by having other classrooms see your commercials?)
Materials: Mobile Labs, DVD Camcorder, Point and Shoot, CDs and DVDs, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Animation