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The Flea

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Keywords: Social Skills, Listening, Sitting Still
Subject(s): Social Skills
Grades P-K through 2
School: Thompson Falls Elem School, Thompson Fls, MT
Planned By: Cody Pallister
Original Author: Cody Pallister, Thompson Fls
This lesson utilizes a power point slide show manipulated by the instructor. The student is introduced to the skill of lisenting, sitting still/quietly by the instructor asking the student what it looks like when a student is listening? What are there eyes doing? What are your ears doing? What is your body doing? The students then help the instructor draw a student on the board and what they look like.

The teacher repeats the points of having a good listening body and then adds the layer of skill application by asking the students if they want to see the teachers pet flea. The teacher then uses the power point animated slide show and clicks the mouse introducing the students to Fred the Flea.

Fred the Flea bounces out and the teacher states that Fred wants to take them on a tour of his circus (because every good flea should have a circus). But Fred is really sensitive to loud noises, but if the students are really quiet and don't make a sound for 30 seconds then Fred can take them on some rides.

This lesson works well with a smartboard as the students get to manipulate the character of Fred by simply clicking on the board.

Fred then takes them on a quick tour of the rides and goes to the first one. The students practice being quiet for 30 seconds, and Fred takes them on the first ride when teacher clicks the mouse.

Fred takes them on the next ride for 1 minute, and the following ride for 2 minutes. The lesson works well to repeat later on in the year with increased amounts of time.

Another potential layer (and fun for the instructor) is to attempt to distract the students with silly faces or a funny joke, and see if they can still maintain good. listening bodies.

Links: Link to Lesson and ppt
Materials: Animation, Slideshow, Portable, Whiteboards