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Pick Your Planet

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Keywords: Assertive, Social Skills
Subject(s): Social Skills
Grades K through 4
School: Thompson Falls Elem School, Thompson Fls, MT
Planned By: Cody Pallister
Original Author: Cody Pallister, Thompson Fls
Students are allowed to explore a "pseudo solar system" of three planets by clicking with the mouse on the assoicated planet (hyperlinked to a slide) and then advance a series of animations narrated by the teacher/counselor/staff. This lesson also works well with the light pen and smart board combination as opposed to the mouse and projector.

If the student does not click on a planet (with hand icon showing up when on the link) the slide will simply advance forward.

As students choose which planet to explore one of three names will appear on the top of the planet and scenario.

They are Evisergga (Aggresive), Evissap (Passive), & Evitressa (Assertive). The students are given a script for each of the alien planets and how they solve problems on their planet.

Introduction- Welcome to this alien solar system, there are three habitable planets here that we can visit. They are Evisergga, Evissap, and Evitressa. Each planet has a unique set of alien life forms that live there, and each has its own unique way to solve problems. Which planet should we explore first. The student gets to select which planet to explore.

Evisergga- On this planet the aliens solve there problems by yelling, hitting, pushing, arguing, and basically being unkind to one another to solve any kind of a problem. While telling the story the teacher can move the animation forward and a the aliens will engage in aggressive activity.

Evissap- On this planet the aliens all serve one giant alien from another planet who tells them what to do. The Evissapians never argue or get upset, but they also get very tired of running around for the big alien getting him chesseburgers and chips whenever he wants. The Evissapians don't take care of themselves and frequently get hurt.

Evitressa- On this planet there are many aliens and whenever there is a problem like a satelite falling out of the sky the aliens get together and share ideas. Each idea is valuable, but they don't always agree. They let each other know which ideas might work and which might not. There is always something that they give to each other. Do you know what that is? That's right it is respect. When they show respect and share ideas, they can disagree and still solve problems.

When all the planets have been explored the instructor can click on the moon, and take the student to the final page where they can ask the following questions:

Which Planet would you live on?

Why would you live there?

Which planet did you like the least?

How do you try to solve problems on this planet?

Show them that the planets names are terms that we use in solving problems, conflict managment styles (Aggressive, Passive, and Assertive).

This lesson works best as an exploration without judgement, allowing students to be honest with their answers allows for an informal assessment of a smll group or even classroom's climate in this area.

There is a link provided below to the ppt.
Links: Link to ppt
Materials: Whiteboards, Portable, Slideshow, Animation