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A Picture of Dreams

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Keywords: Photoghaphy, Painting, Mixed Media, Poetry, Gel Transfer, Digital Skills, English/Language Arts
Subject(s): Art, Social Skills, Technology, Autism, Special Needs, Writing, Photography, English/Language Arts
Grades 11 through 12
School: Franklin High School, Franklin, NC
Planned By: Joan Lansford; Kathrine Cays
Original Author: joan lansford, Franklin
Key Words: Visual Art, English/Language Arts, Photography, Poetry, Writing

Essential Question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (A soccer player who has pre-qualified for the Olympics, or possibly a vet who is working to develop a procedure to clean dogs’ teeth without putting them to sleep? Maybe a cosmetologist who works with Hollywood stars, and has articles in prominent periodicals?)

Goals: Inspire students to learn and engage in technological skills and education to prepare for college, and develop competitive career skills. To awaken student inner guidance, encourage them to fulfill their highest aspirations.

Materials List: (for a moderate size class of 28) digital cameras (students will share a camera in pairs of two), laptop or PC, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Internet, laser printer, gel medium, large long pallet knives, glass panels, plastic garbage bags, spray bottles, scrubbies, acrylic paint or sharpie markers, canvas or wood panel, found objects and collage elements.

During this unit students will participate in digital photography, gel transfer technique and collage making, culminating with a poetry composition derived from the student's consideration of their own personal migration. Students will identify their greatest dreams for the future, they will devise a plan to get themselves there, and map it out in a technological art making and writing process that will conclude with a presentation of their art work and a public reading of their poetry.

Photography: Students will pair up to take pictures of each other. Each student will be able to take the camera home for 2 days over a weekend. Students will shoot about 30 images; download them directly onto a PC or on a portable memory device. Students may use their own camera if they have access to one they prefer. Local photographer Kathrine Cays will talk with students about basic photography elements.

Poetry Writing: The writing part of this project is guided by a series of poetry lessons and activities from poet Kathrine Cays, in addition language arts teacher Ben Cuttler will instruct 11th and 12th graders in composition and literature. Students use their portfolio of 10 digital images for inspiration for their writing.

Critique: Art teacher Joan Lansford will guide a group critique for each student’s 30 digital images to discuss themes that are apparent and present in the work. Students will be respectfully critical and include language that supports positive elements and then critical suggestions to support their delineation process to narrow the body to 10 images.

Gel Transfer: Students will be instructed in a class that focuses on gel transfer. Students will use their 10 digital image portfolio to create gel transfer images that will show their projected progression toward obtaining their goals and what might happen along their way. They will bring found objects from nature, household items like fabric, beads, stickers, feathers or magazine clippings. . Art teacher Joan Lansford will instruct the class on artistic elements to guide students in the assembling process.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital SLR, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Memory Cards
Other Items: 14 Holbein Medium Spatula, $16.46 each, total of $230.44
1 Golden Acrylic Med GAC-500 128 oz, $56.67 each, total of $56.67
3 Golden Acrylic Med Soft Gel Gloss 128 oz, $63.67 each, total of $191.01
28 16x20 Canvas, $6.09 each, total of $170.52
28 Golden Acrylic Principal Set of 6 Colors, $34.97 each, total of $979.16
28 6x6 Clear Glass Panels, $8.39 each, total of $234.92
14 Spray Bottles, $1.55 each, total of $21.70
1 HP Laser Printer CP2020, $324.00 each, total of $324.00
2 HP Black Cartridge, $122.99 each, total of $245.98
2 HP Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, $120.99 each, total of $241.98