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Long Term Projects - Jobs in your future

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Keywords: Office Suite, Long Term, high school
Subject(s): Technology, Writing, Social Studies, Math
Grades 8 through 12
School: Ridge Christian Academy, summerville, SC
Planned By: Amber Hardy
Original Author: Amber Hardy, summerville
After students have a basic understanding of the programs in a productivity suite assigning a long term project allows them to show and possibly learn more about their abilities through the long term project. Students get a choice of 5 occupations, and many sub choices based on their personal interests. The choices of occupation include: Running Sports team(choice of team and sport), Open a new store (choice of store type as well as inventory), Run an Art Gallery (style of art and artists shown by choice) Run for a political Office (choice of which office), Plan a trip around the world (choose 5-10 destinations).

Once students choose the option they will pursue they begin working on mini projects based in different programs using word processing, data management, spreadsheets, and Presentation software. Simple projects include writing a short paper about their concepts. More in-depth projects can include creating their own signs, business fliers, databases of customers.

The project is modifiable based on student knowledge level and capability. Always ask more of students than you think they can do, they will inevitably surprise you with their abilities. Students should have access to the internet to be able to research the projects basic ideas. Students will need to be imaginative and just have fun with parts of the project.

At then end of the long term project time, students will need to turn in work in hard copies of certain assignments and some on a flash drive. The exact assignments are up to the teacher and can be altered based on classroom statistics and available resources.
This project is very interesting for students but requires a computer lab or school work area that has internet connection, printers, computers for each student.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This project can be used to bridge many different subjects truly based on teacher and student needs.
This project is followed up with students presenting their ideas to the class in a safe environment.
Materials: Projectors, CDs and DVDs, Hard Drives, Printers, Power, Keyboards, Ports and Hubs, Mice, Flash/USB Drives, Office Suite