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Keywords: Video Production, Science topics, Podcasting, writing, script making
Subject(s): Video, Social Skills, Technology, Early Learning, Podcasting, Life Science, Writing, Reading, Earth Science, Information Skills, Biology, English/Language Arts, Grammar, Science, Journalism, Drama, Speech and Language
Grades K through 12
School: Enterprise Elementary School, Enterprise, FL
Planned By: Amanda Richmond
Original Author: Amanda Richmond, Enterprise
Lesson Title: Kindergarten Science Talk News Crew

Purpose: With the completion of a science topic, our kindergarten students participate in Science Talk, a news crew that is produced for all of kindergarten as well as posted on our website for parents to see their "stars."

Length: 3-5 days

Materials: Movie Maker
Props for the topic
Flip Camera (needed) right now I use my cell phone and must convert the file.

Lesson: (example: the 5 senses)

1. Review the key terms the students should know and write a script for the news. (smell, taste, touch, sound, sight)
2. Each group will create the script (I can ___________ things with my ______.) ex: I can SMELL things with my NOSE.
3. Once the script has been approved, they will need to think of a prop they can use to portray the sense they have. (sock: smell, cookie: taste, crazy sunglasses: sight, glove: touch, headphones: touch)
4. After the props and scripts have been determined, each group will choose an anchor for the news crew.
5. The teacher will record the first production until the Flip Cameras are available for student use.
6. Once the show is recorded, the teacher will convert the file and the students will start editing the video.
7. Students will help the teacher choose the title, effects, text and music to play during the video.
8. Complete the video using Movie Maker.
9. Publish the video to the website and share with the kindergarten classes as a review of the topics.

I hope by exposing students at a young age the various stages of television production, they will see the benefits of technology and feel prepared to go out into the world.
Links: Our class website: Mrs. Richmond- contact me for password
Materials: Mobile Labs, Video Cameras, Flash Memory Camcorders, Flip Video, Microphones, Video Tools, Tripods, English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Science, Elementary, Early Learning, Podcasting
Other Items: 1 Flip Video, $150 each, total of $150.00