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Renaissance Digital Story Project

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Keywords: Renaissance, art, social studies, history
Subject(s): Art, Social Studies, History
Grades 9 through 11
School: Slinger High School, Slinger, WI
Planned By: Jeff Wolf
Original Author: Jeff Wolf, Slinger
Renaissance Project
Assignment: To produce a quality 2 minute speech and a quality 2 minute digital story that tells the tale of a Renaissance artist, inventor, or scientist.

Step 1: With your partner, choose and research a person you would like to present to the class.

The Artists The Scientists and Inventors
Sandro Botticelli Vesalius
Leonardo da Vinci* Galileo
Raphael Sanzio Copernicus
Michelangelo Buonarroti Leonardo da Vinci*
Giotto di Bondone Johann Gutenburg
Albrecht Durer Filippo Brunelleschi
* Leonardo da Vinci is on the list twice, as an artist and as a scientist/inventor. When choosing please tell me if you plan to present Leonardo da Vinci the artist or Leonardo da Vinci the scientist and inventor.

Use only these websites (See SHS Media website for all of these websites). Two resources must be documented at the end of the presentation (in the credits area). All photos must be documented on this credits area.
Grolier Online: User: slinger Pass: owls
Nettrekker: User: slinger Pass: owls1
World Book Online: User: slinger Pass: owls
Encarta Encyclopedia www.encarta.com no password necessary.
Brainy Quotes www.brainyquotes.com
Royalty Free Music at http://www.soundzabound.com/ User: slingeres Pass: slingermusic

Step 2: Create a two minute speech where you and your partner will tell about the highlights of the historical person. Research should be gathered from the above websites and placed into your own words. Plagiarism will result in an automatic F (zero points). All speeches will be submitted to turnitin.com before by Monday, November 29th. This speech should answer the following questions:
a. When did he live (birth and death dates)?
b. Where did he live?
c. How did this person become an artists, scientist, or inventor?
d. How was this person treated during his time?
e. What is the artist, inventor, or scientist known for (describe some details of his works).

Step 3: Create a two minute digital story to demonstrate to the class the brilliance of your Renaissance person. For this digital story you shall use Microsoft Moviemaker. Your digital story must have pictures of the famous artwork, scientific accomplishments, or inventions. Please label each picture in your presentation. Pictures should be documented in MLA format at the end of the presentation. The digital story must include quotes from the person or quotes from someone who has analyzed their works. Background music must be included. Free music can be downloaded from Soundzaboud (user: slingeres pass: slinger music). Be prepared to describe the selected music, photos, and quotes at the end of your presentation.

Checklist for Renaissance Project: ____ Team developed 2 Minute Speech; ___ Team developed digital story; ____ Research and pictures documented in MLA format at the end of presentation including citations for speech, pictures, and quotes. ______ Grading Rubric.

Materials: Mobile Labs, Flip Video, Hard Drives, Flash/USB Drives, Podcasting, Video Tools, Pro Composition, Early Composition, Sound Libraries, Midi Instruments