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Teen, Drugs and Alcohol PSA

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Keywords: Health, Video, PSA, Alcohol, Drugs
Subject(s): Health and PE, Video, Technology, Photography
Grades 6 through 12
School: William Ohrenberger Elem Sch, West Roxbury, MA
Planned By: Michael Gavin
Original Author: Michael Gavin, West Roxbury
Learning Objectives:

Students will research information on a specific health topic.
Students will create 5 questions related to their topic and conduct a survey.
Students will use mathematical skills to draw a graph representing the data they have gathered from the survey.
Students will use video editing skills to create an informative video educating viewers about their health topic.
Students will demonstrate that they have accurate information on a specific health topic and be able to effectively communicate this information to their peers.

Health topics
1. Teen and Drugs
2. Substances & Your Growing Body
3. Drug Use & the Law
4. Tobacco
5. Alcohol Abuse
6. Marijuana, Inhalants and Steroids
7. Other Illegal Drugs

Step 1: List all of the members in your group

a. _______________________________

b. _______________________________

c. _______________________________

d. _______________________________

Step2: Select a topic ______________________________

Step 3: Write the title of your video __________________________________________

Step 4:
A. Review the information about your health topic in the appropriate pages of the health book. It would be beneficial to gather additional information from other sources such as the Internet, books in the library, brochures or health professionals.
B. Gather all the information, then create 5 yes/no questions that you will use to interview people and gather data. Each question should be related to information about your topic. These questions should help educate you and the people who view your video. Results from the survey will be displayed in your video.

Write your 5 questions in the space below: (make sure you can answer YES or NO to these questions.

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________

Step5: Look over all the information on your topic and select five interesting facts that you feel are most important to share with the public. What did you learn or what did you find to be the most interesting about your health topic? You will include these facts in your video.

Fact # 1:______________________________________________________________

Fact# 2:______________________________________________________________

Fact# 3:______________________________________________________________

Fact# 4: ______________________________________________________________r>

Fact# 5: ______________________________________________________________r>

Step6: Take the five questions you created and write them down neatly on the page labeled “Survey Questionnaire”. You may use this format to carry out your survey or you can create one of your own. Then, identify 10 people you are going to interview. Two members of your class can be interviewed as well as two adults/teachers. The six remaining people you will interview should be chosen at random. Be sure to explain to each person that you interview exactly what your survey is about and how you will use the answers they provide you with. Record all the results.

Step 7: Use the information you gathered in the survey to create a graph. You can use a pie chart or a bar graph. Make sure your graph is easy to read and is educational for viewers.

Use the space below to create ideas for how your graph will look on the poster.



Step8: Now that you have gathered all the information you need for your video it is time to know what is Mr. Gavin expects.
1. Topic- Catchy Title with Background image.
2. Five question/ Interview of ten people
a. Read interview statement, which can be found on Questionnaire Survey page.
b. Subtitle of questions scrolling across screen when questions are asked.
c. Show footage of people being interviewed.
3. Charts/Graphs: you can draw this on a piece of paper than you will scan it into the
computer and insert the chart/graph into the video.
4. List Facts: Each person should video tape themselves reading the facts to the

Step 9: Editing Video- When you have completed this project you Mr. Gavin will show you where to file the video in a folder on the Student Shared Server. You must put the video in the folder to assure you receive a grade for the project.

Survey Questionnaire

Hi! My name is _______________________ I am a 7th grader at the Ohrenberger School. We are conducting a survey in my Health class to help us gather information from the public about a health topic I am studying. My topic is ________________________. My health group was responsible for creating the five questions in this survey. We will be asking ten people the question below and then using that information to create a graph. The data will be used as an educational source for a Health Public Service Announcement Video. I would appreciate it if you could honestly answer the questions below with YES of NO response. Thanks!

(you can read the questions and record the responses below)

Question #1:__________________________________________________________>
This is a great project to empower students to take an interest in how dangerous drugs and alcohol can be.
Materials: Video Cameras, Video Tools, Camera/Video Accessories
Other Items: 5 Video Cameras, $500.00 each, total of $2500.00
3 Digital Editing Software, $500.00 each, total of $1500.00