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"Blood on the River" Reading Project

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Keywords: Blood on the River, Jamestown
Subject(s): History, English/Language Arts, Dyslexia
Grades 6 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Clear Creek Intermediate, League City, TX
Planned By: Jennifer Greer
Original Author: Jennifer Greer, League City
U.S. History 8
“Blood on the River” Summer Reading Project

EQ: How did the location of the English colonists impact the lives of the settlers?

Choice #1 http://animoto.com/
Students will do a movie trailer for the book “Blood on the River”

by Elisa Carbone

Summer Reading Assessment - Identification Badges Using Technology

Based upon Elisa Carbone’s Blood on the River: James Town – 1607, each student will use technology to create an identification badge for a character of his/her choice. In order to create the ID Badge, students should follow the steps as provided and should use information about the character as found within Blood on the River. Be creative and have fun.

Students will use http://bighugelabs.com/ as the website to make their badges.

1. Each student will need to go to http://bighugelabs.com/ .
2. To begin, each will need to scroll down and select the “badge maker.”
3. Each will choose a character from the book and search for pictures online he/she believes might represent the character. Each student will Save his/her character’s pictures to his/her H Drive by right clicking and saving. Students should be creative with the selections of picture files and may need to use a variety of sources such as Google and Clip Art to find representative pictures.
4. Students will return to http://bighugelabs.com. and click on Browse and upload picture from H Drive.
5. Each student will then complete the following required information about his/her character, including: part of picture to make visible, style of badge, color, header and footer texts, make believe barcode number, name of character, descriptive text information based upon the book, and dates that apply to membership, expiration and birth date for the ID badge.
6. Each student will then click on Create to generate the ID Badge.
7. IMPORTANT - If a student wants to change the ID badge, he/she must click Edit from this page. Clicking the back button will result in loss of all work.
8. To save the ID badge, each student will need to right click on it and chose Copy.
9. After Copy step, each student will need to open a blank Word document and Paste the image in the newly-created Word document.
10. Then, each student will need to Save the word document to his/her H Drive.
11. Printing from the Word document is needed to show proof of creating the ID badge.
12. Finally, each student needs to click on Browse and upload the ID badge of his/her character.

Choice #2 “Facebook”profile page for a character in the book

Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Mice, Large Pro Monitors, LCD Monitors, Headsets, Pen Readers, MP3 Players, Portable, Hi-Def Camcorder, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Early Learning, Word Processor, Dyslexia, Speech and Language