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Keywords: video production, news show, media, video
Subject(s): Journalism, Technology, Video
Grades 5 through 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Somerset Intermediate School, Somerset, TX
Planned By: Jessica Flores
Original Author: Jessica Flores, Somerset
The campus media team consists of a group of 20 students who are responsible for producing a biweekly campus news show named Bulldog Media Minute. Each team member has a particular job that they had to apply for as well as participate in an interview. The jobs consist of reporter, camera operator, production crew, and video editor. The show is produced completely by the students. I wrote the first two scripts for the team and they are now writing their own reports. The show is made up of several recurring segments.

-In the "Question of the Week" segment the reporter goes out to ask students on campus a particular question.
-The "Teacher Feature" segment highlights a particular teacher on campus so that students may learn more about that teacher.
-The "Random Silliness" segment is the humorous part of the show where the reporter goes out and asks students to do particular silly things (one example is we asked students and teachers to attempt saying a tongue twister.)
-There is always an informative segment where students are given information on a particular issue or event as well as a quick updates segment as well.

The show is premiered to the entire school every other Friday. The videos are placed on the school network accessible to every teacher. The teachers play the videos in their classroom.

The students work on the show three days during the week for 45 minutes a day. One week is designated for filming only and the next week is for video editing. This is the first year we have a campus media team and the students really enjoy being a part of it. We currently have 8 flip video cameras and the video editors work in iMovie on our iMac. We would love to add more equipment such as accessories for the Flip video cameras.
Materials: Tripods, Video Tools, Microphones, Point and Shoot, Flip Video, Clip Art, Sound Libraries