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School-wide Anti-bullying Campaign

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Keywords: Public Service Announcments, PSA, PSAs, AntiBullying
Subject(s): Art, Health and PE, Video, Social Skills, Technology
Grades 5 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Seabrook Middle School, Seabrook, NH
Planned By: Bryan Belanger
Original Author: Bryan Belanger, Seabrook
Schedule: Seabrook MS Anti-Bullying Week
Weeks 1-2: Students have gained background knowledge about depression and suicide. Students have learned the warning signs and how to confront a person who may be showing these signs.

Week 3: Students will address what bullying is and take a survey on bullying in their school. Students will view video messages about the seriousness of bullying and how it can lead into depression and even suicide. Students will be introduced to the term bullycide. Students will be introduced to their project.

Week 4: Students will be given time to work on their story board and research their specific bullying topic during Health class.

Week 5: FILMING/Intro to EDITING. Students will work with their group to film the video during Health class. Time will be available after school.

Students will begin instruction on how to edit their PSAs during Computer class.

Week 6: FILMING/EDITING. Students will continue to film their PSA during Health class. The computer cart will be available for editing purposes if students are complete.

Students will also be allowed to film/edit during Computer class.
Art – Students will begin creating posters for the campaign?

Week 7: No school on Thursday and I will be out on Friday. My 8th grade classes will be allowed to finish editing their project in the computer lab with Ms. Harter.
ART- Finish working on posters, etc. for the anti-bullying week

Anti-Bullying PSA
Teacher Guidelines

Essential Question: How can I create an anti-bullying message that will influence my peers?
Grade Level: 8th
Content Area: Mental/Emotional Health
Health 2.8.3 Describe how peers influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors.
Health 8.8.3 Work cooperatively to advocate for healthy individuals, families, and schools.

ISTE Standards
Creativity and Innovation
Communication and Collaboration
Research and Information Fluency
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
Digital Citizenship
Technology Operations and Concepts
Learners will be able to:
- create a public service announcement to combat the trend of bullying in their school.
- advocate and promote the dangers of bullying to their peers.

Materials Needed:
Performance task guidelines and rubric, video cameras, computers for editing

Teacher Directions:
Prior to implementation of this performance task, students should receive instruction on bullying and how it can cause someone to be depressed and have suicidal thoughts. Students should also be aware on how to properly confront and handle a bullying situation. Students will work in groups to create an anti-bullying public service announcement. Students must complete a storyboard sheet and have it approved before they can begin filming. The computer lab/cart should be reserved for editing purposes and students should receive instruction on how to properly edit their film from a teacher/administrator who is familiar with the technology. Three days should be spent teaching the background knowledge with two-three days for filming and editing purposes. Review guidelines of performance task and answer any questions that may arise. Provide students with a copy of the performance task guidelines and rubric (see attached).

Cross-Categorical Instruction:
Computers/Technology: Students will learn how to edit their PSA by a staff member familiar with the technology. Students will spend one day of instruction during computer class to learn the basics of editing. The following week of instruction, students will be allowed to EDIT their PSA during computer class with help from the faculty member.

Art: In order to create an all school anti-bullying campaign, students will create posters to hang in the hallways that promote an anti-bullying message.

Students will be assessed using a rubric (see attached).
Peer Assessment – students will assess the PSAs during the Anti-Bullying Assembly. The winners will receive a prize.
Self Assessment – when learners complete their PSA, they will hand in a self-completed rubric.

How can I create an anti-bullying message that will influence my peers?
Learner Guidelines

Lights! Camera! ACTION! Anti-Bullying PSA

You will be creating a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about the terrible trend of bullying in our schools. Using your knowledge about the damaging effects bullying can cause, you will be challenged to create an interesting and informative video for your peers. Find your director’s chair and get ready to MAKE A CHANGE in your school!

STEP #1: Casting Call: Every member of your group is responsible for creating your PSA. Decide who will be cast in what roll:
The Director: This person will be the leader of your group. They are responsible for organizing the production of your PSA.
The Camera Wo/Man: This person takes on the behind the scenes roll, but has an important job to capture the video for your PSA.
The Actors: These people enjoy being in front of the camera and showing off their acting skills!

STEP #2: Storyboard: As any filmmaker knows, you need to create a grabbing story for your audience. You will complete the storyboard sheet (see attached) on your PSA and get it APPROVED by Ms. Smith before filming can start! It is important to know what each scene will look like before you start using a camera!
Things your group needs to think about:
- The Location – Where on the school grounds?
- Costume – Will we need to dress a certain way?
- Props – What do we need to incorporate to make our PSA realistic?
- The Lines – What will we say or do in each scene?

STEP #3: Roll Camera: Once your storyboard is approved, you can begin filming your PSA. You will only have ONE-TWO days for filming… Make sure you are prepared!

STEP #4: Editing: After completing the first two steps, you will work on editing your PSA. Ms. Harter and Mr. Belanger will teach you how to put the finishing touches on your PSA. You will only have ONE-TWO days for editing!

STEP #5: The Premiere: Your PSA will be shown during an assembly at the end of Anti-Bullying Week. Your peers will rate your PSAs and the winners will receive a prize. Do you want to win the Oscar for Best Picture?!
We would really like to grow this campaign and include video editing in more areas of our school.
Anti-Bullying Assembly to play videos, post videos on school website, play videos on local access channel.
Links: Link to SMS Videos
Materials: Video Cameras, Flip Video, Auditorium, Projector Screens, Video Tools, English/Language Arts, Podcasting, Authoring and Publishing, Integrating Technology, Hardware Devices
Other Items: 5 Flip Cams
5 Video Editing Software