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Creating Videos for Teachers

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Keywords: Video Creating and Editing
Subject(s): Journalism
Grades 7 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: D'Iberville Middle School, D'Iberville, MS
Planned By: Patti Brooks
Original Author: Patti Brooks, Biloxi
Creating Videos for Teachers
Patti Brooks
D’Iberville Middle School
3320 Warrior Drive
D’Iberville, MS 39540
228-392-1747 (telephone)
228-392-9948 (fax)
[email protected]

Class: Seventh and Eighth Grade Journalism
Concept/Topic: Creating videos to meet specific needs of teachers

Time Frame: 53 minute class period for seven to ten days

1. Students will interview a given teacher to discuss the “perfect” video.
2. Students will search the internet to find videos and information on the given topic.
3. Students will use information gathered to create a video that meets the needs of the assigned teacher.

notebook, resource and text books, computer, Windows Movie Maker, ProShow Gold program, DVDs, DVD labels

The students learned to make personal videos using Windows Movie Maker and ProShow Gold. They gathered personal photographs, movies, and music to create a video of family, friends, or school.

1. Each student will be assigned a teacher and given a seven day deadline.
2. The students will ask the assigned teacher several questions to determine the type of video the teacher is looking for.
a. Is there any lesson or topic that you would love to have a video on that could be used to reinforce?
b. What are some specific things that you would like the video to cover?
c. Are there examples that you use in the classroom that you would like to have included in the video?
3. The students will research the topic, lessons, and skills in resource books, textbooks, and online to find the information that the teacher wanted included. They can use Learn 360, United Streaming, and other online videos that can be downloaded.
4. Students will design video layout in their notebook. They will include the title, teacher’s name, and subject at the beginning. They will determine if they have all information that the teacher wanted included.
5. The student will work using either Windows Movie Maker or ProShow gold to create the video. It can include video, photographs, clip art, words, etc. All material can be edited.
6. Students will add credits at the end of the video that list all sources used. At the end of the video will be the student’s name, date, and grade.
7. When the video is complete, another student in the class will preview it and make suggestions for editing. Changes can be made to improve the video.
8. When the student is finished with the video, the video will be burned to a DVD. The label will be made and attached to the DVD.
9. The video will be presented to the teacher along with an evaluation form. The teacher will watch the video and evaluate it.

The student’s notebook containing the interview and story board or layout will determine one half of the grade. The video evaluation form will determine the other half of the grade.

Comments from teachers:
BAC: “This is the best video that I have used in my classroom. It covered everything that I asked for.”

CG: “I don’t usually use videos in my classroom but a few times a year. The video was made based on what I stated that I wanted. I love it. The students did a great job.”
Students use all computers, cameras, and video equipment.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Language Arts classes have prepared plays, skits, poems, etc. that have been video taped. The students could use the videos to create DVD's that can be used in future classes instead of purchased videos.
creating a video on Newton's Laws of Motion
Materials: Mobile Labs, Point and Shoot, Digital SLR, Digital Voice Recorders, DVD/VCR Players, Art Tools, Video Tools, Microscopes, Hard Drives, Large Pro Monitors, Science, Middle, Screen Capture, Animation
Other Items: 1 Dell XPS 8300; 21.5 monitor, $899.00 each, total of $899.00