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Respect yourself and others!

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Keywords: self-esteem, respect, positive identity, animation, Flip Boom, brainstorm, read, discussion,
Subject(s): Technology, Reading, Social Studies
Grade 2
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Glacier Valley Elem School, Juneau, AK
Planned By: Jennie Vinson
Original Author: Jennie Vinson, Juneau
Teacher: Jennie Vinson
Subject Area/s: social studies / reading
Grade level: 2nd
Date: Hopefully soon!

CORE (standards): Respect rights and needs of others in your community. Listen and respond appropriately during discussions, including commenting on previous statements.
Increase students’ social competencies and positive identity assets.
Students will understand:
What respect is.
We should all have a positive self identity.
Every person is different and has value.
Why do some students not respect themselves?
How do we show respect for ourselves and others?

Students will know:
Peaceful conflict resolutions.
How to treat others well.
How to think positively about themselves.

Students will be able to:
Make good choices in school and at home regarding how they treat themselves and others.

Rough draft including script and hand drawn pictures to be used in their cartoon.
Creating a cartoon animation on what they know about treating themselves and others with respect.

Classroom discussion participation.


Drawing paper
Crayons/Markers (students choice)
Animation program (Flip Boom)
Computer lab (on appropriate days when
students are ready for the animation.)
Lined paper
Making Choices and Making Friends
Proud to Be You

Students with motor control issues will be encouraged to use pre-made pictures already present in the animation program. If needed will be allowed to skip the hand made drawings in the rough draft.

Students whose behavioral plans provide for extra break time to prevent frustration levels from rising will be given the extra time to complete the assignment.

For students having a hard time finding a story to create, small group workshops will be lead by the teacher.

Animation 30 seconds to 1 minute in length.
Include vocabulary words written within your animation.
Animation must stay on topic.
Do your best.

In week leading up to the animation lesson multiple students will be introduced to the following several concepts or key ideas through group reading of portions of the books listed. (Note prior to beginning this animation students will have already been introduced to the technology tools used here.)

Each day will include
Group reading -10 minutes
Group discussion -5 minutes
Small group roleplaying -10 minutes
Group discussion, what you’ve learned today -10 minutes

Day 1-What are positive identity assets?
Day 2- Self-respect
Day 3-Interpersonal competence
Day 4-Cultural competence
Day 5-Peaceful conflict resolution

Week 2 Day 1
-Introduction of cartoon animation project
-Goal of students animation: create a cartoon that tells people how to respect themselves and others.
-Group discussion: What did we learn? What should we tell others?
-Individual brainstorming. Students will work by themselves to create ideas that would successfully teach others how to respect themselves and others.

Week 2 Day 2
-Group sharing of brainstorming from previous days work.
-Revisions or continue to next step
-draw a single picture that shows your idea
-create a script for your animation

Week 2 Day 3
(students not finished with Day 2 will continue where they left off)
-Group sharing: your idea so far
-Revisions or continue to next step
-Create a storyboard of 5 to 10 pictures, incorporated with script
-Conference with teacher individually
-Revision or continue to next step
-Record voice over (script)

Week 2 Day 4
(students not finished with Day 3 will continue where they left off)
-Group sharing: Where are you in your project, what is working, what are you having problems with?
-Begin animation.

Week 2 Day 5
(students not finished with Day 4 will continue where they left off)
-Group sharing: Where are you in your project, what is working, what are you having problems with?
-Continue with animation.

Week 3 Day 1 through Day 4
-Group sharing: Where are you in your project, what is working, what are you having problems with?
-Continue with animation.

Week 3 Day 5
-Share final animation in our classroom mini-animation festival!

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Connects technology, reading, writing, and social studies
discussions, reflections, another project!
Materials: Social Studies, Animation
Other Items: 10 Flip Boom animation program for elementary students, $39.99 each, total of $399.90