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Public Service Announcements

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Keywords: Flip Video, Driver's Education, Public Service Announcement, Physical Education, Health Education
Subject(s): Health and PE
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Stuarts Draft High School, Stuarts Draft, VA
Planned By: Michelle Kirby
Original Author: Michelle Kirby, Stuarts Draft

What is a public service announcement? PSA’s are a type of advertisement designed to raise awareness, inform, or educate the public about an issue with the intent of affecting public attitudes and potentially stimulating action.
Examples of PSA’s are viewed

Required Equipment:

Flip Cams
Windows Movie Maker Software
Computer Lab Access
MP3 Players - music used during PSA

Topics Chosen:

Students are given a list of topics they may choose from. Some examples include drinking and driving, texting while driving, road rage, vehicle maintenance, insurance, etc.

This lesson is also easily used in Health and Physical Education Classes with topics such as: Calories, Lifetime fitness benefits, fast food and you, Nutrition, exercise benefits, etc.


The chosen topic is researched in further detail. Students are required to document their sources and list them at the end of their PSA. At least one fact regarding their chosen topic must be spoken or visable during their PSA.

PSA guidelines and requirements:

Groups consist of 2 – 4 students. Students may choose to work by themselves, but are responsible for getting other students in class to help with filming or acting as needed.

Minimum of 30 seconds in length

Must include a fact or statistic regarding or related to the topic chosen. The fact must be in written form or spoken during the PSA. The fact can be included during the PSA, at the beginning, or at the end prior to credits.

The topic covered MUST be one covered in class this semester and MUST be approved by your teacher if it is not on the list of pre-approved topics.


Students are to create story boards outlining their entire video plans from start to finish.

Should include drawings detailing camera angles, layout of shots, and any important information such as scripting that can be used for filming

On the back of the storyboard paper, detail the layout of the “set” for filming. If there are more than one set, feel free to attach additional sheets as needed.

Locations in and around the school that will be needed for filming must be included in storyboard detailing and approved. Some locations may require pre-approval from administration so do not wait until the day of filming to ask to use specific locations.

Final Storyboards are due prior to filming for approval.


Flip cams will be used for filming the PSA.

Students are expected to take turns sharing the Flip cam and each group member should have an opportunity to film even if that film does not make it in the final edited cut of the PSA.

Filming should stay as close to the layout described on the storyboard, however, if a different camera angle is determined to look better, then they should feel free to make some adjustments.

Final Creation of Public Service Announcement

Windows Movie Maker will be explained in depth prior to final film editing.

This software allows you to add music, voice-overs, and additional information such as text and the credits.

The credits or end of your PSA must include the following:
- School Name
- Principal
- (Teacher’s Name) Driver’s Education Class
- Group Member’s Names
- Special Thanks (if involving other students, teachers, or community members outside of your class)
- Resources

PSA Presentation:

Each final PSA will be presented to the class.

The students will be evaluated by the teacher and by their peers. The students will evaluate their own PSA and others based on the following criteria:
• Is clear and understandable
• Supported by a fact as required (written or spoken)
• Is relevant to a high school or adult audience
• Is organized in the manner in which it is discussed/presented
in the PSA
• is thought-provoking/entertaining while maintaining the
integrity of the topic
• Camera angles frame subjects well and subjects are clearly
• Sound is clear and understandable
• Video is edited effectively and flows well
• Titles and credits are used effectively
• Transitions are used effectively and add to the overall
appearance of the PSA.
• Presents the information in an interesting or thought-provoking
• Images/graphics relate well to the content and are not used
• Students behave professionally on camera
• Students demonstrate a thoughtful or unique approach
to subject.
• PSA was entertaining/serious yet profound

For each of their classmates PSAs they will in a short paragraph answer the following:

What did you think of the overall effect of the PSA? What are some good things you saw? What are some areas you think could have been improved upon? Was it easily understood? How does it relate to our Driver’s Education Class?
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Public Service Announcements can easily cross curriculums. For example, drinking and driving can pair with science, biology, and chemistry in the reactions it has on the body and reaction times. Math can be used if they are exploring how many feet are traveled per second and how many seconds it takes to react and the resulting distance.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Flip Video, Digital Voice Recorders, MP3 Players, DVD/VCR Players, CDs and DVDs, Keyboards, Headsets, Mice, Video Tools
Other Items: 10 DVD's to burn final PSA for classroom presentation, $0.30 each, total of $3.00