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Math Vocabulary

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Keywords: vocabulary, DVD
Subject(s): Math
Grades 6 through 8
Original Author: Lucinda Wolverton, Dunkirk
The purpose of this project is to help students learn and teach mathematics vocabulary. My students will work in groups to prepare presentations using MultiMedia Lab V and songs to create fun ways to remember the vocabulary terms. These presentations can be used to teach the terminology to present classes in our school as well as younger students in our school corporation. If they work as I believe they will, I have the possibility of including them in a teacher website that is utilized throughout our state.

I tried this with a few students this year and their class was the only one in which everyone knew the terms taught. I was not able to make it into a presentation because I do not have the necessary tools in my classroom.

I believe it is very important for students to know the vocabulary of mathematics. In the past students have been confused by the terminology in the directions on standardized tests and this has caused them to miss problems that I knew they were able to work accurately. Please consider our project for your grant.
I have updated this lesson by including a digital video camera and burning DVD's of students teaching lessons they have learned.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Every subject has vocabulary that students need to learn. This is not limited to math.
The videos are used in following years to help new students learn the vocabulary.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Video Editing, Camera Bags
Other Items: 1 cd/dvd burner
1 upgrade to Windows XP Media edition
1 upgrade sound card
1 upgrade video card