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Notre monde - Our world

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Keywords: foreign language, technology, video making, community,
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Information Skills, Foreign Language
Grades 7 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Oneonta Sr High School, Oneonta, NY
Planned By: Janis Labroo
Original Author: Janis Labroo, Oneonta
Students have already studied units about their family, their school and are now on the community unit. After studying the vocabulary for the places in town, prepositions, the verb "to go" and directions for getting around, students will record a video of our town and how teenagers make the most out of living here. We will then post it on our web-site for our pen pals to access and discuss amongst themselves.

1. In small groups, students will brainstorm about what is a typical routine of a teenager in our town.

2. In a full class discussion we will itemize two daily routines: 1) during the week and again 2) for the weekend. Then we will decide what parts of our lives would be most interesting for our pen pals.

3. Students will be put into groups (teacher will make heterogeneous groups so that each group has one leader). They will be given a segment to cover from what we decided to be pertinent about our daily routines, and write a script for it. There are 37 students in this level, which would make 3-5 students per group.

projected groups:
1) time spent at home: getting ready for school, evening meal, nighttime routine
2) getting to school and AM classes
3) lunch and clubs
4) PM classes and after school activities
5) going downtown
6) an overview of our town
7) happenings around town
8) teen hang-outs
9) community spirit

4. Students will hand in the first draft of their scripts for grammar corrections.

5. From the second, edited script, students will practice saying their lines, either by narrating, acting or a mixture of both. This step is to improve their pronunciation so that our pen pals will be able to understand us .

6. Students will film their segments and download them onto the computer.

7. A sub-group will edit the clips. All corrections will be made.

8. We will upload the video to our class web-page and notify our pen pals so that they can watch it.
I would like to have flip cameras so that students could do this type of activity in groups of 4.
Materials: Digital Voice Recorders, Flash/USB Drives, Foreign Language, Speech and Language
Other Items: 10 Flip video cameras, $99 each, total of $990.00
1 USB drive 16MB, $25 each, total of $25.00