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Student Voice/Service Learning

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Keywords: Flip Video, Digital Cameras, Service Learning in the Community
Subject(s): Video, Social Skills, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Service Learning, Science, Math
Grades 1 through 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Lamar Elementary School, Sulphur Spgs, TX
Planned By: Kathy McDonald
Original Author: Kathy McDonald, Sulphur Springs
Students will partner up to research the internet on their community .
They will locate & describe needs in their community.

Students will gather in groups of 4 or 5 students per group to discuss their research. They will come up with specific needs from their community.
Students will then use their keyboarding skills to produce questions concerning the specific needs from their community. Printing off the questions (could be in the form of a questioneer or survey-using www.surveymonkey.com) of concern for student use.

Students will go throughout their communtiy using their flip videos & digital cameras to record the needs of the community, while asking questions they have previously constructed.

Students will then take the documentation they have gathered & meet with their group of 4 to 5 students to discuss their findings. They will then download all of their information to the hardrives of computers & save data to the harddrive for viewing & presentation on White Board.

Students will choose a media specialist (to run the white board presentation) & a spokes person to present their collection of data to the classroom. Each group will take a turn at presenting, while the rest of students take notes in their journal.

When all groups have presented, the class will reflect in their journal the needs of the community and why they would want to help serve those needs. Next, the students will vote for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Choice of Service Learning Projects.

Students have used technology to show voice, group decision making skills, and taken ownership in their service learning project. This process could be repeated as often as needed in your community.

Students will complete assigned community service project(s), reflect in journals, then reevaluate the needs of their community. Is there a community who does not need this?

Materials: Whiteboards, Flip Video, Digital Cameras, Hard Drives, Printers, Batteries, Memory Cards, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Word Processor, Internet Services