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My trip to Spain

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Keywords: Flip Cameras, SPANISH
Subject(s): Foreign Language
Grades 6 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: Rocky Heights Middle School, Highlands Ranch, CO
Planned By: Noemi de Grado
Original Author: Noemi de Grado, Highlands Ranch

Concept / Topic To Teach: Spanish 1A and 1B level. I am taken 8 students to a trip to Spain.
Standards Addressed:
Students are able to produce small conversations using the vocabulary and grammar acquired in previous lessons.
General Goal(s):
Present information thought videos about the trip to Spain; leisure activities, historical events, local attractions, the journey through the country.
Understand cultural perspectives on travel and vacation.
Specific Objectives:
Talk about events in the past, describe places to visit while on vacation using a blog, plan a tour and create a budget for the trip.
Required Materials:
Realidades Textbook, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google sites and the Flip cameras to record our trip.
Learn how to create and develop a budget in Math class.
Research and read about the Spanish Region, during Geography class.
How to post your daily journal in a blog, in Language Art class.
Some students go to tech class, so they will edit there videos there.
Step-By-Step Procedures:
• Previously, the teacher will set up a webpage in Google sites, giving rights to all the students; we called it “Our Adventure in Spain”. In the website, they will add their journal, their budget and the trip plan using the templates the teacher set up. This is quite important, because it is better is the teacher set up the website, so students focus in the project instead of browsing for fonts, templates, themes, etc.
- Also the teacher will set up the blog where students can post their journal and exchange with other students their experiences.
- Create a budget, which will include the flight, hotel, museum, food, etc… This will happen during Math class.
- Create a trip planner between several students, setting up which place to go, times, dates, etc… Again students follow the templates, so all the web pages looks the same.
- The Language Art teacher is helping me on how the students should write on a journal for the blog. The appropriate language, and how to do a daily journal.
- When we have all the websites created for the trip. We will use the Flip cameras during the trip to record their entire trip plan. They will make short videos about the places they will visit, also the experiences, and anything fun and interesting that happens during the trip.
- Then, when we come back, we will edit the videos, and we will add them to our website. This is a great tool, because I want to promote more this trip using other students’ experiences or samples, and if we have some video, I feel that I can impact the students more.
- Also, since all the information is on a website, students can blog with others that didn’t go, and tell them what they did, and how interesting was the trip, so maybe they want to go next year.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Budget plans in Math class. Blogs in Language Arts, Google Earth in Geography and editing of the video in Technology class.
We will try to keep the website for future trips, because we have another trip to Costa Rica.
Materials: Flip Video