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Keywords: Flip Video, Kurzweil, projector, Edmodo
Subject(s): Social Skills
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: St Johnsbury Academy, St Johnsbury, VT
Planned By: Karen Pontti
Original Author: Karen Pontti, St Johnsbury
Prior to the start of this lesson, students will have been exposed to all 50 skills from the Skill Streaming curricula. Having this knowledge will be crucial in their interpretations and analysis of various social skill scenarios.

Anticipatory Set –
Students will be shown a brief scene from the movie, Freedom Writers that focuses on a specific set of social skills that are being showcased. After the clip is shown, students will complete quick brainstorm of the skills they saw being implemented in the scene using www.wallwisher.com (online sticky notes).

Objectives –
1.) Students will analyze social skills witnessed from a scene in a movie
2.) Students will select a specific role play scenario from the skill streaming scenarios and craft a script
3.) Students will record their interpretation of the role play scenario using the flip video camera
4.) Students will showcase their videos through the classroom edmodo site
5.) Students will analyze student produces videos for specific social skills.

After the students have participated in the brainstorm session pertaining to the movie clip, they will have a brief discussion about the skills they witnessed. The teacher will then divide the students into triads (similar procedure to the skill streaming role playing criteria). The triads will be asked to select one of the role play scenarios from the Skill Streaming curricula. Students will be asked to craft a script based on the role play they selected. The script must be authentic and contain actual verbal and nonverbal social skills. They will craft their script in Kerzweil so the teacher can add notes/suggestions, they can hear the parts read aloud, and parts can be highlighted. Once students have crafted a script, they will record their skit using the flip camera. Students might need to record a few times before feeling comfortable to post their finished video to the edmodo site. Once the video has been posted to the edmodo site, other students will have opportunity to analyze the video for social skills implemented in the video.

Guided Practice –
Students will meet in their triads with the teacher to briefly learn the functions of the flip camera and to receive some feedback on the skit production.

Independent Practice –
Once the students have posted their finished videos to the edmodo site, students will be asked to analyze the student created videos for social skills implemented in the skits. This will ensure their understanding of skills that are used in authentic situations.

Assessment –
Students will be assessed on their final video creation using a rubric. The rubric will assess group participation as well as video content. Additionally, students will be assessed on their written reflection and analysis of each video posted to the edmodo site.

This lesson is designed for a Senior Life Skills class. Most students within the class have challenges interpretating social skills. It is the hope that having the students write scripts for scenarios already discussed within the Skills Streaming curricula will reinforce specific social skills in which they have challenges. The use of the flip videos to record their role plays will only serve as additional reinforcement and will also foster a sense of accomplishment and pride.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The videos could easily serve as writing prompts for the English classes and also be incorporated within Social Studies and Health classes. In essence they could become the "hook" to begin several lessons within the Skill Streaming curriculum.
Have students create "alternate" endings to other group's skits. Record those alternate endings to foster additional discussion and highlight ways of interpreting various social situations.
Materials: Flip Video, Portable, Hard Drives, Printers, Flash/USB Drives, Authoring and Publishing