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Keywords: citizenship, values, community, Flip Video, research
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Information Skills, Podcasting, Geography, Technology, Video, Journalism, Speech and Language, History
Grades K through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Manvel Junior High School, Manvel, TX
Planned By: Rachel Hinds
Original Author: Rachel Hinds, Manvel
Students will work in small groups to create a short video to introduce our community to the world. Each group will be responsible for developing their own ideas addressing such questions as:

* What is unique in our community?
* What does our community value?
* How does our community reflect our values?
* What are our local landmarks?
* What would other students around the world want to know about us?
* What would we want to know about students who live in other parts of the world?
* What would others want to know about our school?
* How would we like others to view our community and school?

Introduction to lesson: Our project will begin with students viewing several videos from the Next Vista web site. Students will then break into groups to explore the above questions (and questions of their own) and share their responses with our class.

Students will then brainstorm in their group about their own video project. They will complete a Project Plan Outline describing what they would like to present in their video.

Students will then receive basic instruction on the operation of the Flip Video Camera. Over the next week students will take turns in their group collecting raw footage to use in their projects. Once this process is completed, students will receive additional instruction on editing their video with the Flip software.

Students will then work in their group to create their video projects. When projects are completed they will be shared with others via the Next Vista web site and with our friends in Turkey.
We are a small country school and this project would give our students a wider world view while providing the opportunity to create with a new technology. Our school has only one video camera which makes video projects nearly impossible for students.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
If our school were to receive these Flip video cameras they would bemade available for check out from our school library for use throughout the school. Our Teen Leadership teacher would like to use the cameras to create videos of the graffitti in our community and explore what the "author" is telling us. Social Studies teachers would like to participate in a variety of on-line video projects via www.Iearn.org. Our art teacher would like to give students the opportunity to create claymation video projects.
Follow up activities for this lesson will be an ongoing video relationship with our friends at an American Academy in Turkey. Our schools would like to share additional videos exploring our teen lives via a wiki, web site, or blog.

Materials: English/Language Arts, Batteries, Flip Video
Other Items: 5 pkg of 4 rechargeable AA batteries, $15.99 each, total of $79.95