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Using Digital Photography in the Classroom

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Keywords: and Sort, Classify, Compare
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Early Learning, Technology, Math
Grade K
School: Osolo Elementary School, Elkhart, IN
Planned By: Jennifer Datema
Original Author: Jennifer Datema, Elkhart
Using Digital photography in the classroom will enable students to improve their skills in each subject area. The students will be trained on how to use the point and shoot cameras, printers, and tripods. It will allow students to explore their surroundings under teacher guidance.

Students will be given many opportunities to use the point and shoot cameras and to express their creativity. Osolo Elementary will begin use of the cameras with kindergartners, and eventually add all grades. There will be a process for checking out the cameras so that everyone will get the opportunity to use them. The cameras and accessories will be stored in the Guided Reading Room with a check out list. The printers will be placed in the computer lab so that the students will be able to work together to complete their project.

The ultimate goal of this purchase is to enhance each subject area in kindergarten and eventually all grades, allowing students their best possible achievement.

Lesson Plan:
The purpose of this lesson for kindergarten is to be able to take pictures, develop them, and then identify, sort, compare, and classify the pictures as a whole group, small group, and as individuals. The students will work in small groups and take pictures of items in their surroundings.

By the end of the lesson, the students will:
-be able to use and operate a digital camera
-be able to develop their pictures using the inkjet printer
-be able to identify, sort, compare, and classify the pictures
-be able to problem solve
-work cooperatively with peers


The lesson will be introduced as a search. The students will be put into five groups of four and will be given details of what to find on their search. They will look for items that they find interesting and unique. The groups will be looking for 5-10 items using a point and shoot camera. There will be five cameras, one for each group, and they will take turns when using the camera so every one learns how to operate it.

Once they have taken the pictures, the whole class will go to the computer lab to view the pictures, and the students will print their pictures using an HP inkjet printer. We will return to the classroom to discuss the kind of pictures each group has taken. Then we will explore how to sort, classify, and compare the pictures. Once the students have an idea of what to do, I will break them into small groups to finish the activity. I will also put the pictures in their math workstation so that the students will be able to practice the standards individually.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The students will be able to takes pictures and identify, sort, compare, and classify the pictures they take by many attributes. (K.3.1, K.4.2, K.5.1) They will be able to give examples of plants and animals and describe how they are alike and how they are different in the way they look and in the things they do. (K.4.1, K.4.2) Students will be able to draw pictures and write words about the pictures they have taken. (K.5.1, K.5.2) Students will use Picasa 2 to view and print their pictures.
1. Self- made test for each subject area
2. Observations
Links: Link to Circut City
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Point and Shoot, Word Processor
Other Items: 3 HP 98 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge, $19.99 each, total of $59.97
3 HP 95 Tri-Color Inkjet Print Cartridge, $24.99 each, total of $74.97
3 HP Everyday Photo Paper, $15.99 each, total of $47.97
3 Belkin Gold Series USB Cable, $34.99 each, total of $104.97
3 HP Photosmart Printer, $74.99 each, total of $224.97
5 Sony portable Tripod Kit, $19.99 each, total of $99.95
5 Duracell NiMH Battery Charger with 4AA Batteries, $24.99 each, total of $124.95
5 SanDisk 2GB Ultra III SD Card, $29.99 each, total of $149.95
5 HP M437 Digital Camera, $109.99 each, total of $549.95