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Quadrilateral Scavenger Hunt

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Keywords: Flip Video, Geometry, Quadrilaterals
Subject(s): Geometry, Math
Grades 6 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: New London High School, New London, WI
Planned By: AIMEE AUER
Original Author: AIMEE AUER, New London
Quadrilateral Scavenger Hunt
175 points

Learning Goal: To identify quadrilaterals in real word applications.

Materials Needed: Quadrilateral Properties worksheet, Flip camera, Golden Pass to be in the hallways, writing instrument, and this sheet. I have clipboards that you may use.

Task: To locate squares, rectangles, rhombi, parallelograms, and isosceles trapezoids, record your findings with a Flip camera, and describe their properties. Optional shapes to find are a kite, trapezoid (not isosceles), right triangle, and isosceles triangle.

Rules of the Hunt:
• May bring things in from home or find items at school
• May use photographs (from anywhere) or artwork that is posted in the school
• May use parts of logos, packaging, items used to construct a whole object
• The shape does not need to “stand alone”
• May use a different perspective of its intended shape
• May use the Internet to help you come up with ideas
• May NOT draw the figure, find it on the internet, cut it out of paper, or create it
• Each group member needs to describe the characteristics of at least one quadrilateral
• Each group member needs to find at least one quadrilateral
• Each group member needs to film at least once
• Everyone must be on their best behavior in hallways and not disturb other classes
• Everyone must be careful with the Flip cameras
• All filming must be completed and submitted by __________

List and Point Totals:
□ Parallelogram (not a square, rhombus, or rectangle) = 15
□ Rectangle (not a square) = 5
□ Rhombus (not a square) = 15
□ Square = 10
□ Isosceles Trapezoid = 15
□ Kite = 20 (optional)
□ Trapezoid (not isosceles) = 20 (optional)
□ Right triangle = 10 (optional)
□ Isosceles triangle = 10 (optional)
□ Describing the correct characteristics of the quadrilaterals = 50 (10 points each)
□ Presentation of the quadrilaterals and their descriptions are clear = 25 (5 points each)
□ All group members appeared on video at least once = 20
Flip Video, Geometry, Quadrilaterals
I strongly recommend going over the camera expectations with the students, such as no filming in the bathroom or locker rooms. I also kept my colleagues and administration informed about the project. Students were then expected to carry around a pass in the hallways. Students that broke the rules were then "grounded" to only finding the objects in my classroom.
Links: Link to Voicethread
Materials: Flip Video